New Month’s Resolutions: July

I guess now that we are close to mid month, it’s now or never to share my goals for July. I have fallen completely off track with everything due to work being endlessly busy. Usually I have ebbs and flows at work. All these constant stressful days that have turned into weeks have made me lose all my blogging mojo. I didn’t even get an editorial calendar together for July. So for this month I have a few different things going:

I’m going to continue my goal of blogging with taking the photography challenge from SITS girls. It starts today if you want to join in as well. Plus I’d love to improve my blog photos! It’s summertime so I plan on writing at minimum one blog post a week, but shooting for two or three.

Speaking of summer, I’m getting my son prepared for third grade so I’ve been busy the last few weeks with lesson plans and researching all I can so that we can avoid that summer brain drain that is so common, especially if you have a struggling reader like I do. Football starts next month so I’m trying to get most of the things done this month. Next month, football practice is two hours for four nights a week! So much commitment. I will try to squeeze in some reading though.

I’m also hoping to finish potty training my toddler this month. We are on a roll he’s been asking to use the bathroom and has peed and pooped in the potty. Now it’s just being consistent and making sure he wears his pull-ups and goes potty.

Our weekends have been crazy busy and this is usually when I write my blog posts and plan for the week. So I need to figure out a different way to get that done during the week!

I have failed at my yard work. That was on the list for April and May and I still haven’t finished. Just crazy. I’m sure my neighbors hate me. I’m trying though! This month, while I tackle everything I have in front of me, I just remind myself to…

tupac smile

I posted a similar picture to my Instagram. This is what I live by. Never let them see you sweat. Some people just want to see your weakness in order to exploit it. And I have enough on my plate to have to deal with that as well!

How are you doing with your goals?

3 thoughts on “New Month’s Resolutions: July

  1. Tell me about it, things have been super busy around here as well, I have had no time to blog… or to keep in touch with my gals! Let’s try to make the best of it, and enjoy our summer too 🙂 Have a great month, Jai!
    Elisa recently posted..Summer footwear

  2. Ahhh we busy girls. So many plans and goals and ideas and not enough time in the world. While it is important to set goals I believe sometimes its just as important to let it all be and go with the flow.
    Have a great summer and enjoy all the busy things.
    Cheers, Tobia

    1. Tobia you always have amazing points!!! You are so right yet again! Thanks for the comment I agree, I’ve taken it easy a bit more this month and just enjoying the summer with my boys!

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