New Month’s Resolutions: June

Yup, I totally didn’t publish last month’s resolutions.  I wrote it but I was so crazy with work and everything else that I didn’t even notice that I didn’t publish until it was too late.  I didn’t have that much on my list for May though. I got most of it done.  What I haven’t finished yet is my back yard cleanup.  I didn’t realize Rose of Sharon’s were so invasive! It took over my whole little bit of garden I had back there.  I have to finish it up this month though.  I also organized the kids room and my oldest’s closet with all the toys he had.  I was cleaning that day for over 10 hours!  I’m taking the rest of the house little by little and tackling it that way.

2015-05-29 19.24.20

May was a crazy month and I didn’t write much.  I got my mojo back and will be writing twice a week at least this month.  That’s my goal for June.  I honestly haven’t given much thought about what my goals are for June.  I think I’m going to keep it blog related.  I want to start back up with my editorial calendar this month, try to update the blog’s look and also hoping for a great turnout for the #JuneMakeupBag Instagram Challenge!  It’s only 14 days and great for new and seasoned makeup lovers.  You should definitely check it out! Winking smile  So I guess one of my goals is to actually use the makeup that I have in my bathroom.  It’s sad when you’re doing spring cleaning in your makeup stash and you forgot you had half the things you own.

I’m getting the vibe that June will be a slower month.  And I’m totally here for that.  Going non stop like the energizer bunny never ends well.

What do you have going on in June?

4 thoughts on “New Month’s Resolutions: June

  1. This month I will be celebrating another Birthday 🙂 so grateful for that. This month I want to read interesting books, spend quality time with my family and get more active.

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