New Novela on Univision on October 6th…Sortilegio

0000304994-25724L I know…I know! I’m watching two novelas already on Univision Un Gancho Al Corazon and En Nombre Del Amor. I know I haven’t been recapping as much as I should but I am definitely watching! Sortilegio is coming on Tuesday, October 6th on Univision at 9PM EST. Now, I know I shouldn’t be watching yet another novela with work, school, being a wife and mami, and already watching two novelas. But drool worthy William Levy is the main actor in this novela. He’s just soooooo yummy. I could watch this novela on mute and still be good.  :) 

This novela also stars Jaqueline Bracamontes as his love interest. I’m glad that Anahi didn’t get the part because I wouldn’t be able to stand watching her on TV. I personally think she’s annoying. She’s definitely on my short list. But anyway…just catch a commercial and you see why I’m thinking of watching this one. There’s a shower scene…..enough said!

So I promised hubby that I wouldn’t record yet another show and completely take over the DVR. But I will try to watch it live when I can. Anything for William Levy! Is anyone else going to watch this one?

19 thoughts on “New Novela on Univision on October 6th…Sortilegio

  1. no tengo palabra para desirte3 lo bello k eres solo espero ke dios me de la dicha de verte en persona algun dia besosssss

  2. Pinche novela estupida no tienen otra cosa que hacer que hacer el amor pinche novela ojala que se valla a la fregad FUCK SORTILEGIO !!!

    1. Si como no, pinche novela pero te apuesto que eres la primera en prender tu television, si tanto te molesta no mires la pinche novela. Leave Sortilegio alone!!! Don’t be a hatter couse they are making love, pinche envidiosa.

      1. Let’s play nice please! Everyone is entitled to their opinions. It doesn’t really bother me to see them in the novela but you must agree it’s been a bit more raunchy and has had a lot more sex scenes than others. But of course it’s on at 9pm EST so children should not be watching.

  3. A mi me gusta mucho la novela ojala un dia pueda verte william levy y jaquelin bracamontes por que ella es muy bonita y me cae bien muy sencilla con un corazon bonito y le pone mucha pasion asu trabajo no me perdere el final arriba sortilegio

  4. Hi I like this novela. It is a little different that other novelas. I do not loss any day to watch my favorite novela. I love William. He is un churro guapisimo.

  5. A mi me gusta esta novela por que los personajes son Wiliam Levy y Jaquelin Macanontez si a ustedes lo les gusta estan bien tontos por que es la novela mas bonita que e visto en mi vida.

  6. te amooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo quiero lloral pero te amo estoy enamorada de tiiiiiii alex

  7. I love William Levy. He is sooooooo handsome,sexy, romantic, affectionate, thoughtful and so much more. Men could certainly learn a few lessons from William Levy as to “what all a man could and should be like. In all fairness I have to give credit to all the actors and actresses on Sortileigo. Everyone is doing an excellent job. Sad that it is going to end so soon. The novela has been full of action, drama, romance and at times has caused me to shed a few tears. This is one Novela that I will love to add to my personal collection so I can watch it over and over. Good luck to the whole cast. As for William, I look forward to seeing him in more Novelas and it would be awesome to see him coming to Hollywood. I’m sure he will have many more fans in his favor.

  8. esta muy bueno esta para comermelo es un caramelo de chocolate y esta muy lindo el como melo reseto el doctor el lino y guapo!!!! y mangon !!!!!!!!!!!

  9. hola!!!!!!!!!!!!!! felicidades por tu baby,……
    solo keria decirte lok obviamente ya sabes …….
    actuas super y eres muy galan y demasiado simpatico” espero k pronto te veamos actuando en otra novela ok! bye y cuidate mil, un beso, byeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!

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