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univision20logoAs you all know, Las Tontas No Van Al Cielo and Cuidado Con El Angel are both in their final weeks. There’s already been talk about the novelas that are taking their place.

First up is Un Gancho Al Corazon with hottie Sebastian Rulli, Raul Araiza (from Cuidado Con El Angel) Agustin Arana (from Las Tontas) Lakiesha Wilkins, Margarita Magana (from Al Diablo Con Los Guapos) and lots more. It’s about a female boxer who falls for a car racer (think sort of like Nascar). I may check out the first few episodes.

Next is El Nombre Del Amor where two sisters fall for the same guy. Can you say DRAMA!! Lots of people are in here. From Al Diablo Con Los Guapos we have a mini reunion! We have Allison Lozz, Laura Flores Altair Jarabo and Cesar Evora in this one. Laura Flores is actually playing Altair Jarabo’s mother again!  Also joining the cast is Victoria Ruffo from La Madrastra.

I can’t promise that I will be watching both of these. I will definitely watch the first few episodes and give you chicas the recaps you all love. After that I will make a decision on one or the other because I’m just not going to fall into the trap of watching two novelas again. It’s draining!

Based on this info if you have to choose one, which would it be? I honestly make my decision not only on the story lines but on the main hottie. Looking at both I think I’m probably going to go with Un Gancho even though I loved Allisson Lozz on Al Diablos. The main hottie there is just not doing it for me. Maybe I have to see it in action! I usually do watch one or two episodes before I make the decision of watching a telenovela all the way to the end. Because in reality it all ends the same way and it’s all about the same thing. A couple dying to be together and the obstacles they face for an average of 150 episodes. The end is always the same, so why not have some nice eye candy to go with the story line?

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  1. I saw the previews for Una Gancho and I am definetly going to watch that one, I think Sebastian is a hottie to the max and I don’t really like blond men but I can make an exception with that one. I usually only watch one novela too, and the other novela didn’t really grab my attention.
    I can’t wait to see how Las Tontas plays out though that girl Paulina is going to get hers in the end I hope.
    Can’t wait to see what you think of Una Gancho.

    1. Sebastian is gorgeous!! I think I’m with you on this one. I’m hoping that’s the one that comes on at 7. It seems a bit lighter and not the heavy drama. The heavy drama is definitely the 8 oclock one. Hopefully Un Gancho is good!

  2. I am so upset right now how could this be the end for my most favorite show, Las Tontas No Van Al Cielo, in the world besides the No.1 Ladies Detective Agency on HBO? As an African American who has fallen in love with this Spanish soap and who had all of her famly and friends now hooked on las tontas no van al cielo, when they did not even know what the heck was being said, to see it end is devastating. Will I watch the new shows? probably not for nothing will replace las tontas no van al cielo or the no.1 ladies detective agency for me. Hey Mexico I mean no disrespect but this sucks! Dont you realize I need my Candy and Santiago? Can a US station pick it up? Never mind it would not be the same for it appears to me that the Hispanics are off the chain with their soaps making rings around American soaps.

    1. LOL I’m glad that you liked Las Tontas enough to be this upset about it. But all of Hispanic soaps are more like mini-series. They only last about 6 months to a year and then a new show replaces it. This is actually my favorite part. And I love watching my favorite novela hunks go through different characters. Once you start you just can’t stop! I’m sure you’ll be hooked for a while! Thanks for stopping by!

      1. Please my friends endure me but I am already going through Candy/Santiago withdrawals. The closer it gets to the 19th, final show, the more sad I get. I am so in love with this show that whatever commercial comes on I go buy the product just to show support for the show, wish I could support it by being able to buy one of those Toyota cars, I know crazy right? I have been studying Spanish and this show has helped me tremendously. Please endure me my friends for just like any junkie I will just haeve to deal with the withdrawals. Okay enough right? So did Candy’s sister run off with Mario? and how did Candy’s ex gain custody of Chava when they signed papers I thought giving her custody? So is Santiagos ex an FBI informant? Was she not in the bed with the mob boss? Wow the things we do for our employers. Please keep me informed on the DVD.

        1. The end is drawing near , and I am so so upset to have missed the first 3 months…. I am desperately trying to find the DVD, to buy it cannot find it anywhere…. maybe you would know? This soap also has improved my Spanish….. Santiago is so charming and funny, Patrizio, though a bit wimpy, I like him, Meño too also great, down to the kids, Lucia, Rosio and Chava….. I could go on…… I will try to watch “El nombre de l’amor”, I hope it is good….

        2. The DVD finding good luck but have you tried youtube? And yes Santiago is one fine speciman and honey does Patrizio ever stop crying? he cracks me up but I love how he loves those children. And I agree of all the new soaps El nombre del amor has peaked my interest the most but I tell you nothing and I mean nothing will replace my Las Tontas and I am not going to lie I cry over this soap and come the 19th I will be balling! Lawd what am I going to do without my Candy/Santiago fix? I guess the same thing I do with my No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency on HBO but at least I know it is coming back after hiatus but my beloved Candy and Santiago will be gone forever. I tell you some things in life just aint right and my sweet Candy and Santiago leaving forever is one of them.

    2. I agree with you, I love Las Tontas, but I only discoveed it 3 months ago, i am learning spanishm and am understanding so much how…. the men are gorgeous, Candy is great!!!!!!this soap actually makes me cry( i know, loser!!!!) but I love Spanish. My question to you is where can i buy this telenovela, because I really want to see the beginning. Thank you for thupdate for the next soap. Are they both starting at the same time?

      1. I agree with you on everything. I too am learning Spanish, one darn sexy language is it not, and my Las Tontas has excelerated my progress and yes yes yes the men are sexy as heck but if you want to see some more sexy and too fine for their on darn good is the men on Manana para es siempre. And you are not a loser for I cry to with this soap Las Tontas and you are so right I love love love Spanish now. And you know the soap replacing Las Tontas starts the 22nd but I do not know about the end date for Cuaidado con el angel but I know it is soon. Oh lawd let me gon

  3. Okay so let me retract. My fourteen year old says I should give the new shows a chance and that she is going to check both of them out although for her las tontas no van al cielo and Cuiduido con el Angel is her favorites. What? my 14 year old African American Child is now hooked on Spanish soaps so much so that she is telling me to check out the new ones? Okay so I will because she has not led me wrong yet for she is the one who told me to start watching Valeria and Juro Que Te Amo and Manana es Para Siempre(Darn those men on that show is just too fine for their own good) Despario America in the morning instead of CNN and to watch Primer Impacto with the very pretty black Hispanic anchor, and my child was right she is beautiful, so out of the mouth of a babe I will give both new shows a chance but I will not shout them out like I did my las tontas no van al cielo. Again why does the show have to end? Why?

    1. It is also a great way to learn Spanish. And the eye candy is definitely a plus! I’m so happy that you’ve embraced our culture enough to watch Despierta America and Primer Impacto! I’m loving it! Just like I said in your last comment though, those novelas end within a year so try not to get too attach. My hubby laughs at me because he says that they always end the same but I like to watch them get there. My 2 yo is also riveted by both novelas because I am definitely watching both las tontas and cuidado con el angel.

      1. I agree with you,I am learning spanish now, and it is my way to practice. I am in love with Santiago!!!! what a hottie…. funny and cute!!!!!!I am trying to find a place where to watch the beginning of this soap. since I only started watching the last 3 months. or where can i buy the dvd?

        1. I’ve been asked about the dvd and I am definitely keeping an eye out. Santiago is a cutie and if you like him you’d like him in La Fea Mas Bella a very cute novela similar to Ugly Betty. La Fea Mas Bella

          As soon as I find out when Las Tontas will be on DVD I will share with you guys! thanks for stopping by!

  4. I think that un gancho al corazon should be put back in the afternoons from 6p.m. to 7p.m. instead of showing it from 2p.m. to 3p.m. That novela is the best

    1. I agree I hate when novelas get moved to a different time when it’s already a few months in and people have gotten used to watching it at 7pm. If it wasn’t for DVR I would have been so upset!

  5. I need to know if its possible to watch Univision tv through my laptop, I don’t mind to pay for the service, I keep missing my favorite shows and novelas because I’m always traveling, and some small cities don’t have Univision on their tv channels. Please advise, thanks.

    1. They actually just announced their new online Univision website where they will be doing just that. Here’s the link. As soon as I here an update I will share. 🙂

    1. Yup they are about a year old. I did this post back in 2009. Thanks for noticing and leaving a comment! What novelas are you currently watching?

  6. hola quiero dar mi opinion referente al cambio de horario de las telenovelas en univision california van a poner dos horas la novela una familia con suerte y recoren la novela de la que no podia amar hasta las 10 ya es muy tarde es una novela buena para pasarla tan tarde tenemos que levantarnos a las 5 y voy a tener que dejar de verla porque no mejor cambian la de una familia con suerte a otro horario les agradecere tomen en cuenta mi opinion gracias

  7. Muy buenos Dias quiero dar mi opinion x el cambia de orario de la telenovela el talisman es un orario no comveniente para todos es una novels que no puede ser cam iAds de orario para mi es que lugar de dar 2horas de la familia con suerte den 1 hora y el talisman dar en el orario de la noche para las personas q trabajamos es dificil adaptarse y no podemos ver la novela disculpe y le agradesco tome encuenta mi opinion q el Senor los vendiga a todo su equipo muy buen trabajo Adios

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