Organizing Fake Eyelashes

eyelash storage ideas

Eyelash Storage Ideas

After reviewing the Eylure lashes, I realized that I really don’t have any organization when it comes to my fake lashes. I buy them in packs and keep them in case I do someone’s makeup and they request eyelashes. I keep them in a smallish makeup bag along with glue, and I bring with me at least a dramatic one, an in between one and a more natural one when I do someone’s makeup. But for the ones I keep for my own, I definitely need something to organize them and have them be easily seen. Off I went scouring these internets for eyelash storage ideas.

Most people use a pill case, which is cheap and functional but not too pretty. I kept looking around for some online and check this out!

There are some really great and cheap options out there for you to make the most of your space:

Eyelash Case from eBay holds three sets of lashes and glue. Here’s another option as well.

Hello Kitty Eyelash Case for those of you are fans of Hello Kitty just like I am. It holds two sets of eyelashes

Lastly, the Butterfly Series False Eyelash Case Size L with Tray holds four sets of eyelashes and is under $10!

I found a plastic bin at the dollar store and I’ve been storing all my lashes there. I have an insane collection and I don’t even bother to wear them! How do you store your eyelashes? Share your eyelash storage ideas in the comments!

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