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As part of the #OwnBeautyInsiders, I had the opportunity to review this iPhone app. It’s a great app to track your skin’s progress with your anti aging line. It also gives you healthy recipes to get the best skin. So how does this app work? First you have to take a picture with your phone and upload it to the app. You take the pic within the app. It gives you detailed instructions to take the best pic. Even with my old 3GS, it took a great pic. Next, it analyzed the picture after asking questions like my date of birth and skin type. And it showed me all the imperfections in my skin including fine lines and wrinkles. It also graded me based on my counterparts. This was really eye opening. Afterwards it shows you which Own Beauty products are best for your skin. You can take pictures in the app every 30 days (or more if you’d like) and it monitors your skin’s progress. It’s a very cool app that can save you some cash at the dermatologist office. I know when I go I can easily spend over $150 between co-pays and treatments. Below you can find the link to download the app for yourself and see how great it works! I’m very impressed with this app! Can’t wait to try out the products!


Link to Download My Own App

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