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Billion Dollar Brows

Download Daddy Yankee on iTunes

I found something else I wanted to share. Daddy Yankee’s record breaking debut in his…

Did You Know?

Are you domestically challenged?

Check out for great ideas on home organization and money saving ideas. I know I…

Things that are bad for your hair.

Taking Care of Your Hair

Any Harry Potter Fans?

What Music Do You Listen to?

My Baby’s Officially Bilingual

I’ve been speaking both languages to Booba hoping he picks it up. He seems to…

Is Ugly The New Beautiful?

What’s One Makeup Product You Can’t Live Without?

To Work Or Not to Work?

In A Shopping Mood!

Some stuff to get you through a lazy Sunday if you’re having one. It’s raining…

What’s Your Decorating Style?

Swimsuits To Flatter Your Figure

If you wear swimsuits this article I found is for you! Did you know that…

Will you be Stay-Cationing this Summer?

Speaking of Hotties…

Speaking of hotties, has anyone been catching the show In Plain Sight on USA? I…

Prematurity Risks

Magazine Subscriptions

Do You Have A Signature Scent?

A Girl Can Dream Right?

For All You Procrastinators…

The blog contest is ending Monday! Put your entry in for a chance to win…

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