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Billion Dollar Brows

Are Your Cute High Heels Hurting Your Feet?

Latin Party Traditions

Give Me Two Pair….

The Ultimate Summer Accessory

Another Telenovela Update

Chimi-What? Only The Best Burger EVER!

Cool Beauty Bracelet!

Quick Telenovela Update

Just a quick note to update on my current telenovela. Got to love the drama.…

Finally! One Throw Pillow Completed

The Five Minute Pedicure

When To Get Rid of Your Hairdresser

Need a New Look?

My Elf Review

So I get the package yesterday and I look inside. I loved the packaging. Here’s…

Another Decorating Idea

If you have just found my blog you might not have read a post I’ve written…

Toddler Tip!

Another Money Saving Tip!

My Telenovela Obsession

I confess I’m a huge Telenovela fan. I love the fact that the show lasts…

Jlo’s New Reality Show

I’m not sure if you heard or not but Jlo and Marc Anthony were going…

The Five Minute Manicure

Who’s got the time to get their nails done? Between cleaning cooking and running after…

my favorite beauty products

My favorite beauty products

  My favorite beauty products are the things make me feel bella: My favorite lip gloss…

spring cleaning paper clutter

Reduce Paper Clutter!

Now that your closet, purse and makeup bag are on its way to being spring…

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