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Pan that palette, girls! There’s something incredibly satisfying for me to see that metal pan hitting through my makeup products. It shows that I’m actively using my products and not just purchasing and collecting. As a makeup junkie, I love purchasing the latest and greatest makeup out there. Especially if it’s something that’s limited edition.  Packaging alone sometimes gets me. Let’s not talk about how I missed out on the Selena by MAC collection. They cancelled my order and didn’t even tell me. I’m still salty AF about that.

I’ve been so good this past year staying away from my favorite Ulta and Sephora stores. I’ve also been good about cleaning out my lot and sharing my goodies with my friends. Since becoming a LipSense distributor, I’ve focused more on selling and making money off my makeup addiction instead of spending it. Needless to say, the husband is pleased.

One thing I have a lot of (besides lipstick) is eye shadow palettes. I haven’t hit pan on any of my eye shadow palettes, but I’m working on it! Let’s call that Project Pan that Palette!  Since my last Project Pan update, I’ve hit pan on:

pan that palette

My Bare Minerals Bronzer (sad because they are getting rid of this one. It’s the perfect bronzer to contour, the Ready Bronzer in High Dive.)

pan that palette
MAC Studio Sculpt Foundation in NC42- not my favorite I may go back to the Matchmaster or the Studio Fix Fluid. It was fine but doesn’t wow me. *shrugs*

NYX Cosmetics Brightening Setting Powder. I’m still working on getting down to finish it, but I do love this one for setting my makeup and blending my face flawlessly.

pan that palette

Urban Decay Naked Powder Foundation. I am not totally in love with this either but it was on sale and I needed a foundation so I tried it. I’m just really partial to liquid foundation. I could use this on top of liquid when I have a night out, but for every day use this works just fine. I hate that sometimes it’s splotchy. Also don’t like how easily the powder breaks down, I don’t even use the sponge and look at it. Feels like a lot of product wasted without being able to use it. Ugh. I’m really having a hard time with foundation since my Bare Minerals Ready Foundation has been discontinued. I can easily hit pan on that one.

pan that palette

Another product I’ve hit pan on is the Milani Rose Blush. I love this blush it’s pigmented without sparkle when you want a matte blush. I use this all winter.

The only lipstick I’ve ever gotten down to nothing is the NYX Thalia. Such a pretty every day color. I figured out how to dupe this lipstick with LipSense: one layer of Sheer Berry, 2x of Praline. Figuring out this dupe kept me from purchasing this color again and since LipSense lasts me all day it keeps me from having to reapply. It’s a win win for me!

pan that palette
lipsense one sheer berry 2x praline rose LipSense Distributor #258449

So pan that palette! Have you been working on getting down to “pan” or the metal  bottom, of your favorite makeup products? Let me know which!

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  1. The only thing I have hit pan on recently is the shade ‘Cyprus Umber’ in the ABH Modern Renaissance palette. I have yet to hit pan on anything else, but you are doing so well! I am very impressed. I really need to start using more of my makeup, thanks for sharing x

    ALittleKiran | Bloglovin | Blog Sale

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