Pineapple Maternity Dress

Pineapple Maternity Dress…I never thought folks would be searching for that keyword! While checking out keywords that people search to get to my blog (one of the many Admin things we bloggers do) I found that keyword. And since I have been struggling on finding ideas for blog posts…more on that soon…I thought why not? It’s been a while since I’ve done a fashion round up anyways. I love the ones I’ve done on using certain colors, like Blush, or Cobalt etc.

Anyway, Asos has a very cute off the shoulder pineapple maternity dress that would be amazing to wear all summer long. Here’s how I would style it….

pineapple maternity dress

I would wear a similar shoe to what the model is wearing, but I liked the ones I found better. These black flat espadrilles have more support at the ankle, especially for those mamas to be that have issues with swelling in the summer. That tie up shoe the model is wearing would just exaggerate a swollen foot more.

Since when I’m pregnant I’m always hot….no matter if it’s summer or winter….I chose this cute side updo with the dress to keep it off the exposed shoulders. I don’t like my hair in my face regardless if I’m pregnant or not so there’s that. The teal hair color is optional but that hair accessory screams QUEEN amirite? I just love it and think it’s incredibly appropriate for this beautiful, exhausting and sometimes not so beautiful time in our lives. I can’t lie sometimes I miss my sons being babies and toddlers, but do I miss being pregnant? Never. Maybe the cute pregnant that for me only happened between 20 to 24 weeks but dassit. The babies are totally worth it though.

Moving on…because I chose so much bling for the hair I went understated with the earrings with rose gold studs. I love rose gold and I love mixing different metals. Those fab sunglasses and the NYX highlighter fake the amazing side effects of pregnancy (hello fatigue and morning sickness!!) and top it off with a pretty shade of lipstick in of course the name KWEEN because hello??? You’re a queen even if you don’t feel like you are sometimes!

Found a crossbody handbag that resembles the color of the pineapples on dress. I love that it’s versatile and not too bright so it doesn’t compete with the dress and instead just complements it. It’s also big enough to put any meds and vitamins that you need to take with you as well as your favorite lipstick and mirror.

This pineapple maternity dress can look great with a pair of sneakers or if you’re feeling saucy and going out on the town I would even dare say a pair of high heel cage booties.

pineapple maternity dress

Are you a pregnant mama looking for a pineapple maternity dress?

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