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I am a recent DIY convert. As in, I’d like to try these Pinterest DIYs. If you follow my Facebook page or even my Pinterest page, you’d know all about my DIY T-shirt obsession. I have a million T-shirts and would hate to throw them out but they are taking way too much space in my dresser drawer. Seems so crazy to have fifty million t-shirts when you don’t wear any of them regularly. Plus the extra space would be nice. I decided to try one of the DIY’s for tshirts on Pinterest. This one was a bracelet tutorial. It seemed to be pretty easy and I’m not a crafter but I tried to attempt it. I did pretty good for my first time! Check it out:

tshirt bracelet DIY

I’m definitely excited about it. The only thing I would change is make them a little thinner. I would have liked them a bit thinner but for my first time I think they looked pretty cute!


An old T-shirt
Ruler or measuring tape
Parachute Cord or Craft Cord
Fabric Glue

I cut both the T-shirt and cord into three 16 inch strips of each. The T-shirt strips are also about 6 inches wide (I was thinking of making the next set about 3 inches wide). I alternated T-shirt strip and cord and used a binder clip to hold them together while I did a regular three strand braid. At the end I glued them with the fabric glue and also glued the other end with the binder clip. Afterwards I glued the two ends together and after that dried I took an extra piece of T-shirt and wound it around the two glued pieces to make it nice and neat. After it dries you’re done!

Stay tuned for more T-shirt DIY’s including a head band and a workout shirt. I have to get rid of these things! I’m going to try to feature some fashion or beauty related DIY’s at least once a month.

What do you think about the DIY? Have you attempted any Pinterest DIYs?

7 thoughts on “Pinterest DIY | T-Shirt Bracelets

    1. I’m going to have to check yours out! I’m thinking of making headbands and workout tshirts next. Hoping that will get me to the gym!

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