Prematurity Risks

My hubby sent me a story he read over at Since we’ve had a preemie (a late one like in the article) and also Latinas have a higher chance of premature birth I figure I share this article. They are saying a portion of these late preemies are due to unnecessary cesarean sections. Here’s a quote from the article:

If slightly early birth sounds like no big deal, consider: A baby’s brain at 35 weeks weighs only two-thirds of what it will weigh at 40 weeks, says a dramatic “brain card” developed by the March of Dimes to educate women. Some will catch up fine, while others have learning or behavioral delays. Also, being even a few weeks early can cause initial breathing problems if lungs aren’t mature enough; feeding problems; even an increased risk of SIDS.

That’s scary because my son was born at 34 ½ weeks. He did have some apnea in the beginning but he’s fine now and a little too smart for his own good! They say these almost term or late preemie babies make up 70% of all preemie births. They are also saying a lot of it could be confusion of the fetus’ actual age. They recommend a first semester ultrasound because it’s the more accurate at predicting fetal age. Here are some factors of prematurity:


Folic acid supplements already are advised to prevent birth defects, but new research shows consuming folic acid for a year before getting pregnant dramatically lowers risk of premature birth. That’s longer than most women are believed to take the nutrient, and thus an opportunity.

Carrying twins or more increases prematurity risk, a risk worth discussing with women undergoing in vitro fertilization where more than one embryo typically is implanted.

Pregnancy before age 16 and after 35 increases prematurity risk, another opportunity to discuss the importance of pregnancy timing.

I knew folic acid helps with birth defects but I didn’t know that it will lower the risk of preterm birth. I’m definitely going to look into this if we decide to add to our family. Probably should start taking them now! go to March of Dimes for more info they have a great website!

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