Prep Your Skin with Jergens BB Body Cream

It’s April! There’s hope that spring and summer will be here before we know it! Warmer weather means showing a bit more skin when it comes to wearing tanks, skirts, shorts and bathing suits. And we’ve been hiding all our skin under our heavy winter clothing. I don’t know about you, but my skin is dying for a little warm weather.

Of course that now we are going to be exposing more skin, we need to prep it for the summer months.

In order to prep your skin for summer, get a nice exfoliator. Or you can DIY one with this great rose petal scrub I found on Pinterest. Three ingredients and you’re done! My favorite exfoliator lately is Lush’s Ocean Salt. You can use it on your face and body. It’s perfect for sensitive skin but it also gets the job done! I love using before I shave my legs to get a nice, clean shave with no bumps.


Jergens BB body cream is the perfect way to get your skin in top shape just in time for vacations and bathing suits. It only takes 5 days to get bathing suit ready! It instantly moisturizes and illuminates and in five days it evens, firms and corrects. Besides loving the signature smell of all Jergens products, I love that their sunless tanners are soft and not orange or give any side effects to my sensitive skin. You can find at drugstores or online at Amazon. I swear I purchase everything on Amazon it’s ridiculous.

Use your exfoliator at least twice a week and use your bb cream by Jergens for the beach ready skin at any time of the year! Hello shorts and summer dresses! Who’s with me? I just love summer dresses!

What do you use to get your skin bikini ready?

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