Product Review: Effortless Extensions

When I checked out this video I thought it was so crazy. Extensions that you can attach to your head with a fish wire. I know right I said the same thing…..Fish wire! But you basically get length or in my case volume because the length was the same as my natural hair. I basically just parted my hair down vertically behind my ear and added the piece like a headband. I then let go of my hair and fixed it so that you couldn’t see the fish wire. It looks pretty awesome. I did try a light reddish brown hair on my black hair so it was an obvious difference. But it felt pretty comfortable on! They come in a variety of colors and styles. Although it’s synthetic you can wash it and use a hair iron. For more information or to purchase, check the website. I think it’s fun for a night out or if you’re waiting for your hair to grow out! Here is a pic….


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