Product Review: Garnier Fructis Two Step Smoothing Serum

Garnier blow dry perfector I was definitely intrigued by this product. Of course it took me until adulthood to love my rizos (curls) because I realized I have the flexibility to have it wavy, curly or straight whenever I’d like. But I am very non committal with my hair. I can’t commit to something as permanent as a relaxer and even picking a hair color is a chore. I’m usually over the hair color a few days after I color it.

So I buy the Two Step Smoothing Serum to try it out. It lasts seven washes. I followed the instructions to a T. The first step smells horrendous just like a relaxer you get at a salon. The difference is that with this system your hair has to be wet. Similar to a temporary hair color, you apply while wet and then rinse it after 20 minutes. The second step is a heat activated creme you apply prior to straightening your hair.

It says there’s only one use but after my generous application of both I think I can get one more use out of it. The question is do I want to use it again. It def stripped me of my temp hair color. Also I tend to like my hair with a bit of wave and the wave didn’t come back until half way through the washes so about three washes. But for girls who would like to downplay the curls, it really loosened up the curl for me. But my friends also are so used to the pretty wave I’ve been rocking lately that they were put off by how straight it was. So if you’ve got curls similar to mine and want to make it straight with a dryer or straightener this may be the product for you!

I advise against using if you’ve got a temporary hair color, you just got your hair relaxed or bleached and if you’ve got some dry/damaged hair. Stay bella!

2 thoughts on “Product Review: Garnier Fructis Two Step Smoothing Serum

  1. Cool, I was looking at this product at the pharmacy yesterday and wasn’t sure if it was like a relaxer or not. I’d also like to try it out since my fear is losing my hair due to years of relaxer abuse. Thanks for the info!

    1. I would be a bit leary since my hair hasn’t been the same since. It’s seems unhappy. 🙁 I’ve had it up all week.

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