Product Review: Have you tried this yet? Bathroom Essentials

#sponsored I am sharing my experience with the products sent to me on behalf of P&G

If you have any preschoolers I have to say Charmin Freshmates are a MUST for your bathroom. When you are potty training your children and they are too old for baby wipes (plus most wipes are not flushable) this is the best for the kids to make sure they are clean. They are also great for adults too and come in a nicely designed package. (I’m such a sucker for packaging!) You can find Charmin’s line of products on their web site and can purchase at your local grocer or drugstore.
Crest Pro-Health is your answer to the gross taste of other rinses. It’s surprisingly light with no burn. But it does fight a huge fight against cavities, cleans teeth and gums, rebuilds teeth enamel for great teeth. You replace this once and you won’t miss your old stuff. Have you tried this products yet? Stay tuned for more P&G product reviews!

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