Project Pan Update 1

In an effort to clear up my makeup stash I have been trying to hit pan on my makeup. Hitting pan is when you start seeing the metal pan of the makeup, the best way to tell you have used up all of your makeup.

Project Pan Update

I haven’t bought anything new and have been tackling project pan. I think I do way better with using up all of my hair and beauty products than my makeup. So far I’ve gone through a face mask one of my faves from Lush called Mask of Magnminty. It is a great dupe for Glam Glow’s mask and at a great price too! I also finished a facial moisturizer bar from Lush called Full of Grace. I finished a concealer from BareMinerals one of my favorite cream full coverage concealers. You know how I feel about the foundation too!!! Right now I’m working on hitting pan on another concealer. I’m also working on a MAC blush Rose Quartz and a NYX Thalia lipstick. I’ve hit pan on the blush but got a ways to go!

I was so excited to have my empties I totally forgot to take pics before I tossed them in the trash! Figures! Right now I’m almost done with Lush’s Roots, it is a hair and scalp treatment. Smells like peppermint and super tingly. This is the second time I’m trying it. I may try something else next time.

The tough part for me will be using up the collection of eye shadows I have. I barely use eye shadow during the week mostly because I don’t wake up with enough time to do a full face. I do the bare minimum for work daily. Once in a while I try to put use some eye shadow but not enough to really make a difference.

It does feel good to go through all these things. The more I use the less I have to pack and then unpack in the new house!

Are you trying to get through your makeup collection? Share your tips in the comments!

project pan

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