Project Pan Update:Five Lipsticks by Fall

Project Pan: Lipstick Edition

It is no secret I’m a makeup junkie. The shelves in my half bath in our old home was bursting at the seams with baskets full of makeup. Packing all my makeup to stage our home to sell really hit me on the amount of makeup I had. I sent some off to friends and I always have a stash to give away. Time for Project Pan Lipstick!

While waiting to close on our new house I dreamed of vanities and worked on project pan. I am definitely still working on project pan and can you believe I actually met a friend at Ulta a few weeks back and didn’t purchase anything!?

I finally have a space that I can call my own for blogging and my makeup collection. The space also holds my husband’s shoe collection along with mine. Seriously if this move hasn’t taught me anything, it’s taught me that I have wayyyyy too much stuff! To include shoes. Seriously 30 pairs of sneakers. For why? But I realized that my makeup obsession was not just all makeup. It was specifically lipstick. Guys the amount of lipstick I have even after cleaning out a few times a year is insane. It’s like I’m searching for that unicorn…the perfect shade of lipstick. But apparently I’m not sure what the perfect shade is because I have ALL OF THEM. I stopped counting after 82 because I felt a little nauseous. 82 lipsticks!


I’m not buying any lipstick until Selena for MAC comes out (because hello….Selena for MAC!) but I need to clean my stash. So I sorted all my lipsticks by color and then picking five to be done with by fall. Saw this idea about Project Pan Lipstick on Instagram and thought I would give it a try.

Here are the five lipsticks I will be working on all summer. I chose some variations of nude and a bright shade. Even if I don’t hit pan by fall I’m hoping to make a serious dent in these five lipsticks. Then I can switch them out with another five lipsticks that I will work on making a dent on.


The five lipsticks are: Colourpop Westie, Gerard Cosmetics Rodeo Drive, Maybelline Lust for Blush, MAC Have Your Cake and MAC Chatterbox. These are all perfect summer colors, Chatterbox applies like a coral pink that shows off a tan.

Hopefully by October I can make a dent in my project pan lipstick!

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