Quick Contouring Tutorial and Giveaway

Contouring has become a popular makeup technique, but most of us busy moms either don’t know how to get the look or never attempted because of being intimidated or thinking there’s not enough time. I know there are countless videos out there that you can search if you’re interested in contouring, but a lot of them are heavy handed. I don’t know about you, but I’m a fan of the natural makeup. I just want to look like I’ve had a good night sleep. And with my round face, I’m trying to chisel it just a bit. Not like that instagram makeup which is great to look at but not the best for real life. Just something that looks like my face is not as round as it really is and can cover my acne scars. Dassit. This is incredibly easy and quick to do, you know I’m a fan of the five minute makeup!


**side note about the video…I wasn’t feeling the best and the kids were in the background so it wasn’t the best video I’ve recorded but I feel like it gets the job done! If you have any other tutorials that you’d like me to do, just let me know!

Products Used:

  • bareMinerals Bare Pro  foundation in Sandalwood and concealer in Tan 2
  • Jordana cream sticks in strobe and contour.
  • Blush from Tarte from this palette I purchased or travel one summer. I’m using it for project pan since it’s one I have had for a while.
  • Elf eyebrow pencil
  • LipSense lip color in Napa with Bougainvillea gloss on top

The key to not having stripes all over while contouring and strobing is to…Blend blend blend! You can see I do it with the damp beauty sponge and also to with the full flawless foundation brush after the fact. This is super easy to do and still look natural!

Also don’t forget to wash your makeup brushes weekly! I mentioned the makeup 101 series in the video too, you can check them out here!

Like I mention, because of the lights and everything in the video, you won’t see the stripes, but that’s the point. My face still looks less round than how it started off, my redness is gone and it just looks like my face is realistically flawless and not like I’ve spackled on foundation. A friend of mine shared a four hour live makeup tutorial on Facebook because of the foolishness that she thought it was. Who has 4 hours to spend doing makeup? I say if it takes more than 25 minutes for a full face—eyelashes, contouring, along with eye shadow and foundation—you doing too much. My two cents.

Have you tried contouring? You should give it a try! And here’s a chance to win some Jordana goodies including the contouring stick and strobing stick used in this video! Actually two of each of those just in case the one doesn’t match well!

Jordana Giveaway1

Win Jordana Cosmetics Contouring and Strobing

Enter to win a Jordana Cosmetics Contour and Strobing Stick as used in the video, along with two sweet cream matte lipsticks and four modern matte lipsticks! And an eyebrow pencil to top it all off! This giveaway runs from April 20 to April 27 2017 and is open to residents of the US. As always, suerte chicas!

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