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Urban Decay’s Naked palette has been huge! It’s got an amazing following but if you are like me who already collect lots of makeup including eye shadow, $50 for a palette of neutrals doesn’t sound too amazing to you. The reason why the Naked palette is great because it has great neutral shadows for every look you are thinking of. The palette includes matte, shimmer and satin shadows so there is definitely something for everybody. If you are not familiar with the Naked palette, here it is:


I’m not going to deny it, it’s a very nice looking palette. But nice enough to pay $50? I don’t think so! If you feel like Ana does, who emailed me to get some ideas for dupes, here are some for you all under $25! That’s less than half of the Naked palette!

First we have two picks from my favorite brand NYX.

nyx natural

For $7, you can’t go wrong with this palette. I feel the colors are a bit warmer which might be better for olive and golden toned skin. Some people complained about chalkyness but I say try an eye shadow base it makes a difference! You can get it at your nearest Ulta or order online. The best part is if you don’t like it, you can return it no questions asked!

nyx nude

This palette also includes 10 lip glosses along with 20 eye shadows for only $25!

If you are willing to wait a bit then this palette might be for you:

28 palette

I have this no name palette I ordered on eBay. To me, this might be the one to get for less than $10 including shipping. It’s got 28 eye shadows from white to black and all the neutrals you can think of. It’s got matte, shimmer and satin as well. This picture doesn’t do it justice at all!! The pans itself are also of good size at one inch and the palette is 9 inch by 6 inch. You can’t go wrong with this one! To shop, check it out here.

There you have it! Three dupes for Urban Decay’s Naked palette!

Ana, I hope you like one of these alternatives! Thanks for the email!

Do you have a great find? A question? I’d love to hear from you!

6 thoughts on “Reader Question | Dupe for Urban Decay Naked

    1. No problem Sandra! I can’t spend the same for eyeshadows either considering I have so much that I barely wear as it is!

    1. Thanks Lisa! If there’s anything you’d like me to include let me know! I haven’t posted about the makeup brushes because I really wanted to do a video to go along with it.

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