Recap on the last Chapter of Sortilegio

ESTUDIO SRA, SABIDO Y FINAL NOVELA SORTILEGIO 291 Ok so please tell me if it’s just me here. But I felt like I was missing something the last two weeks of Sortilegio. What the hell happened? The writers fell off or something. I felt like they were skipping information I was confused with the whole Bruno thing. One minute he’s in a shack with hay and the next they were on a beach fighting and there were guns involved? What? I know that novelas are full of action and if you blink you miss something but this was a bit much. Did anyone else feel like it was hurried? Like they were just ready to finish the novela? And it only lasted about four months the usual novela lasts at least six or more. Univision and Televisa get a fail for this. Especially when you’re going to have hottie William Levy in the novela why hurry it? Take your time let me get all that eye candy in! We wouldn’t have been mad about that! Sigh. Now waiting to see the next William Levy feature. Ese papi chulo esta como el quiere! Lol.

What do you think of the ending of Sortilegio?

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