Selena for MAC Update

Am I the only one anxiously anticipating the launch of MAC’s Selena limited edition collection? I’ve got some sneak peek and swatches from the collection!

So here I am posting Snapchat filtered videos on my Instagram when one of my Instagram manitas (that’s Dominican speak for sister) sent me a DM full of Selena goodness! FYI you can send me Instagram DM’s of makeup all day! But let’s let these fellas know to keep their peens in their pants and out my DM’s. That should be another post.

Anyways…We first saw a lipstick named “Como La Flor” that was a red that Selena would wear daily. Check out the rest of the collection!

Selena MAC Collection

Am I seeing this correctly? Two different reds, a very 90’s dark nude (which has come all the way back in style again) eye shadow and a blush bronzer??

I’m going to guess that one of those reds are a matte. What do you think? Later on my Instagram friend then DM’ed me another shot…

Selena MAC Collection

In this shot you see the actual Selena packaging with 5 eye shadows, a face brush, the three lipsticks…and do you think that’s mascara and liquid liner? I’m going to say yes. I love the purple of it all. I was like I can’t wait to see swatches of this, that eye shadow that looks pink can probably double as a blush too! And we know what the lipsticks are called (more of that in a bit) but can someone tell me what those eye shadows are called? Are they named after Selena songs? Are they matte, satin, sparkle?? I have questions!

Then I got the mother lode guys…swatches of the lipsticks! I almost died, but not before checking them out!

Selena MAC Collection Swatches

Amor Prohibido, the 90’s dark nude, looks perfect on this complexion! Dreaming of you, the deeper red, definitely looks matte to me. I love it! Como La Flor is more of an orangey red, I would probably just buy the first two. I got to leave something on the tables for rest of you makeup junkies to pick up!

I’m wondering how much is it going to cost me to get the Selena collection. Right now I’m looking at two lipsticks, definitely the brush, the blush/bronzer duo would be perfect for fall/winter. I’m glad they are doing these sneak peeks now, I will be ready with cash in hand come October 2016! This Selena collection is amazing. Just take all my money MAC!! Take it and shut up! Collecting cans now and getting my GoFundMe page ready!

What’s on your list to purchase off this Selena collection?

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