Shearling Coats or Just a Little Shearling

 Shearling Coats
I feel like I’m back in 1999 with all this shearling. Comfy cozy and trendy. Yaasss boo! Shearling just gives that extra touch of glam in your everyday.
But for real I just feel like late rapper Biggie Smalls Hypnotize will be dropping from the radio at any moment. I remember my first shearling coat I got at Wilson’s Leather in the late 90’s. I got it at a  great deal and I had that thing forever!
You can do a little bit of shearling with the reversible headband or you can go full out with that extreme jacket. There’s something for everyone. That blue sherling scarf would add so much glam to your favorite coat. You’d be both warm and fashionable. And since I live in an area that when it gets cold, it get cooooollllddddd…this totally works for me!


Which is your favorite piece?

By the way…I’m leaving the Biggie song here for you too. I had to do it. Best song ever.

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