Shop Black Friday Like a Pro Easily

Black Friday Shopping

Halloween is officially over and now it’s time to begin our hunt on these internets to find the best Black Friday deals and start planning for one of the biggest shopping events of the year. Trust me, if you don’t plan ahead you’re going to end up spending more time and money then you’d like. Also who wants to be out there fighting people for items that you’re not even sure if it was on the list? This is why I don’t like the Black Friday crowds. Trust me, Santa knew exactly what he was doing when he made his list and checked it twice. You do the same. It works.

I try to sign up for emails on Black Friday deals. I like getting all my stuff in one place. Just like I don’t want to go to too many stores if I don’t have to, I don’t want to go online from store to store to find the deals. I do grab both Walmart and Target’s Toy Books because the kids like to go through it and circle things. Similar to me and my fashion magazines. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree folks.

Alright, so what sites are good for Black Friday deals? I like the ones that are continuously updated.

Best Black Friday– You can search for your favorite stores so there’s no time to waste on this site. I love that search capability.

Amazon Black Friday– I love shopping online and who doesn’t love Amazon? They are also having daily flash sales that are leading up to the big shopping day. (also don’t forget about Cyber Monday!)

Black Friday Another great site that updates. They even have Groupon’s deals!

NerdWallet has all the Black Friday deals to include Target, Kohl’s, Best Buy etc.

Also don’t forget about your favorite department stores and what they might have on sale, like JCPenney, Macy’s, etc. If you sign up for emails from your favorite stores, they may send you some email only deals as well.

For any gamers in your life, Gamespot has the inside on all the deals. My son wants a PS4. He’s only 9 with an insane attitude so I’m not sure if Santa is going to fulfill that request.

Right now, Walgreen’s has a good sale going on. I went to their store after Halloween to check out the candy deals and I saw so many cute gift ideas for the teens on my list. Check these cute makeup bags out:

Black Friday Walgreens

I plan on filling them with goodies, and also maybe buy one for myself. Winking smile

What Time Do Stores Open for Black Friday?

That’s the important question right there! We got our list, we know the sales, now when do these stores open? I draw the line at shopping at Thanksgiving Day and some stores can be so extra with that. Also, I refuse to give them business on Thanksgiving Day, those employees should be home with their families and friends enjoying the day as well.

Anyway, what time do these stores open for Black Friday deals?

Walmart stores open at 6pm on Thanksgiving Day for deals. (Shame on you Walmart!) Bed Bath & Beyond, DSW and Gamestop among others are closed on Thanksgiving Day. That’s awesome, big shout out to them!

For a comprehensive list of openings for Thanksgiving Day and Black Friday, Dealnews has the information for Black Friday start time for over 70 stores!

If you plan ahead, you will end up under budget with all the things on your list. Shop smarter and not harder! I absolutely hate crowds so I’ve been working on that Christmas list already. If I keep working on this list, by the time Black Friday comes along I will be all done way before the crowds get even more scary.

I’d love to hear how you made out with your Black Friday shopping and how much you ended up saving!

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