Skin Care Mistakes~ & how to avoid them!

Perfect skin is at the top of most women’s wish list, despite our best efforts, even the most well-informed among us make simple mistakes that keep us from clear complexions!  Many skin care errors are a result of misinformation, not lack of commitment!  Here are a few skin care mistakes that can be easily avoided:


When is the last time you threw out your Make UpDon’t hang on to beauty products if you don’t use them frequently!  Since your fingers are usually your applicator, bacteria grows fast in bottles, sponges & makeup brushes!  As a rule, you should throw out foundation after 6 months. Also try to get in the habit of using disposable applicator & you wash makeup brushes with a gentle, antibacterial soap weekly (you can also use conditioner on them to avoid drying out), and every day, after using them, you should spray them with a witch hazel solution- in a small spray bottle, mix half distilled water, half witch hazel and a few drops of tea tree essential oil.

Catch up on your zzz’s~  your skin repairs itself at night when you rest!  If you are constantly sleep deprived, won’t take long until your complexion shows it!  “Beauty sleep”  is not just an old wives tale, sleep allows your skin to restore its natural balance and increases the effectiveness of some skin care ingredients.  Lack of sleep increases levels of stress hormones in the body, reduces the skin’s ability to stay hydrated (result- puffy eyes)- and people with poor sleep habits usually have trouble with skin sensitivities.  Try to develop a regular sleep routine, avoid caffeine 4-6 hours before bed, limit alcohol & get regular exercise.  Eventually you will see a difference when you look in the mirror in the morning!

Fell asleep with my makeup on- what is the big deal?  It’s not pretty but it happens.  Even the most skin-friendly makeup is not meant to be worn for 24 hours, that is a missed opportunity for your skin to renew and do what is supposed to do while you sleep.  It can lead to breakouts, or even worse, pink eye- yuk!  Just try to get into the routine of cleansing your face before bed. Too lazy?   Use make up wipes.  Not the same as a good cleansing that a face wash would do, but better than going to sleep with a face-full of make up!

Not wearing SPF!- I think by now  we all know why it is essential to protect your skin from harmful UVA and UVB rays.  But while overexposure to the sun damages (and ages) you, wearing protection can also cause other issues- acne!  Finding an all-natural sunblock can be tricky, look for ones that contain zinc & titanium.  One I recommend, Beyond Coastal( or your local natural/organic stores.  This line contains Zinc oxide, it creates a barrier against harmful rays, it absorbs fast & its water resistant!

Relying on products for hydration & moisture~  “You are what you eat”. We often hear people say that, what some don’t realize is that a high percentage of what we consume, transpires unto our skin.  Only water won’t get the job done- sure, it helps transport oxygen unto skin tissue, but we also need healthy fats to help our skin feel & look moisturized.  Essential fatty acids from salmon, avocados, safflower oil, and many more keep your skin glowing!

Dry skin? Avoid over-moisturizing!  If you think that lathering on moisturizer will keep your skin from drying out- WRONG!   Over-moisturizing can cause congestion in the long-run.  If you suffer from super-dry skin, invest in a humidifier, fill your diet with healthy fats & look for moisturizers that are a bit on the heavy side or moisturize with a serum instead of a cream.  Mimo 7 offers several options, Super Moisture Serum, Mature Skin Cream & Mature Skin Serum.  (, this line contains all natural, botanical ingredients excellent for dry/mature skin.

Don’t pick your blemishes~ Hands off!  Trust me- I know it’s hard but you will end up with a bigger problem because you break down the follicle wall causing the bacteria to spread.  Use a sulfur mask to break down the swelling and don’t touch, the healing process will be faster if you just let your skin heal itself.

Exfoliating too much!  Many products these days have ingredients that fight wrinkles and fine lines- you might be using a cleanser that contains alpha hydroxy acids in the morning and exfoliating again at night.  Your skin needs time to repair & to make more cells, if you over do it, your skin reacts by over-drying or causing blemishes.  Pay attention to the products you buy & their ingredients.

Lastly, choose products that contain no- or few chemicals.  Avoid products that contain alcohol, SD 40- common ingredient that is irritating to acne-prone or dry skin.

Stay Beautiful!


Questions or Comments- email me @  Fecebook- Beauty By Reni.

Renata Bateman is a Licensed Esthetician & Certified Makeup Artist @ Metro Salon, East End- Rochester, NY.


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  1. The information here was were really relevant. I don’t wear makeup most of the time and I make sure that I get to wash my face before I sleep. I only use few proven and tested products on my face. I never thought that over moisturizing can still cause dryness. Geez. Thanks a lot!
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