Spring Clean your Closet

organize your closet

What’s next for spring cleaning? YOUR CLOSET! Now would be a good time to at least start cleaning out the clothes you don’t wear anymore either because you lost some weight (you go mija!) or you’re on to bigger and better things. You know what I mean I didn’t mean the bigger part like that!

You should have three piles: Donate, Throw Away or Keep. Go through the things you don’t think you’re going to be wearing anymore. I live in the northeast US and I don’t think that we got the memo yet that it’s spring. So I can’t put those sweaters away just yet. Congrats if you can! Sort your clothes, shoes, handbags (yes I said handbags!) that you’re not going to be using. Whatever is good enough to donate go ahead! It’s a great tax deduction at the end of the year.

I’ve started my donate pile at the back of my closet. It’s a nice way to reduce your clutter and saves you time. It also gives you new space you can put your spring/summer clothes in. Do the same for the kid’s closets. Anything that is still in one piece that your child has grown out of go ahead and include it in the donate pile. You’ll be doing two good things: Reducing clutter and giving to the needy. Dios te lo multiplica! I also take the time to go through my sock and underwear drawer for anything that I can toss. Why store clothes and accessories that you might not even wear next year?

This is a great way to keep your closet from overflowing and then of course complaining that you have nothing to wear. It becomes overwhelming when you have so many clothes. the best thing to do is keep it neat and clean!

There are sites like Poshmark where you can sell your gently used clothing that you no longer wear for some extra cash. So basically, you can clean out your closet, sell items and get cash to buy new things! I just recently went through my closet and got rid of a few pairs of shoes I haven’t worn along with some sweaters that I never wore this season. You can do a bag or two of clothing at a time for either donating or selling.

How do you tackle your closet and get to spring cleaning?

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