How to Style your Makeup Vanity

Hashtag Vanity Goals

As I clean up my makeup stash (which I must admit has gotten way out of control) I’ve been dreaming about a pretty makeup vanity.

Vanity Goals

We are currently prepping our house to list for sale this spring which means I have to get rid of my crazy makeup stash in my half bath since it can be pretty distracting. And I’m trying to depersonalize a bit because when you put a house on the market it’s technically not yours anymore. Instead I am trying to show what the next person could do with the house.

Which means putting my beloved makeup away in plastic bins. I am hoping our next home has space for my makeup stash but I think I won’t be buying many more until I get through some of this makeup I currently have. Have you heard of project pan? It’s this great idea where beauty junkies like myself commit to using makeup/beauty items until you hit “pan” or the bottom of the palette. Or empties from beauty products like hair and facial products. I have no issues using my hair and facial items down to empties but makeup is my issue! Let’s see if I can do this! Maybe instead of hauls I would post project pan empties but I must say that if there’s a limited edition or must have item I will purchase it. But Ulta won’t be seeing me as much at least until we purchase our new home!

I’m dreaming of a fourth bedroom I can use as my office/makeup room. With  maybe a makeup vanity like one of these! Talk about vanity goals!

makeup vanity

The fur is everything and I love the simplicity of this! I also need a ghost chair in my life. This parson’s desk would also work well to copy this makeup vanity!

makeup vanity 2

The Hollywood mirror is perfect to get the right lighting and the seating bench also doubles as more storage. I see she’s got a lipstick issue just like me! This mirror is a modern take and I am loving it! Or you can DIY your own mirror! This storage bench is perfect if you are going to put your makeup vanity in a bedroom. I would store extra sheets and pillows in there! I currently have a storage bench and I use props for blog photos in it! So useful!

makeup vanity 3

This vanity has dresser drawers to keep most things out of sight. I love it! I can’t find a similar one for you, but this mirrored table has two drawers that can help contain the makeup mess! The drawers look like the IKEA Alex series that is so popular with beauty junkies. That’s my ultimate vanity goal right there!

Which one is your favorite makeup vanity? Amirite when I say vanity goals?! I can’t choose!

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  1. oh my gosh, the second one. Love love love! Thanks for the roundup! I have a corner of the bedroom I am redoing and this would be the perfect addition 🙂

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