Summer Happenings!

We are Julying! June just flew by! I will be posting a little less this summer, let’s call it a summer schedule. Offline life has been busy between unpacking and decorating to checking things off of our Summer Bucket List. We’ve already knocked off #2 and #7 from that list. Keeping a house clean is hard on top of decorating and unpacking. And kids.

summer schedule

I’m hoping to post once a week on things that have been going on around the house. So for all you makeup junkies, I have put myself on a Makeup Time Out. It’s not the first time I’ve done this, but it needs to happen. This summer I’m focusing more on decorating and lifestyle with a little fashion thrown in.


This is the truth right there from the Instagram files. It’s gotten so bad that Sili from My Mamihood posted this on her Insta. There’s a wanted poster out you guys. So I need to save my money I would have spent on makeup on other things. Like clothes because I never have anything to wear. Don’t worry though I have one last post for my makeup junkies, my last makeup purchase was the Born this Way Foundation from Too Faced so I will be posting about that! The Project Pan updates will be coming along too along with updates on my makeup room/office.

Meanwhile, I will try to finish at least one room in this house I feel like all the rooms are half done. Ugh. But I did organize my closet so that I can minimize my “I have nothing to wear” issues. I kept saying I would get a new wardrobe when I lose my weight, but four years after baby and I still haven’t lost anything. In fact I’ve been steadily gaining so I need to handle my business!

I did end up buying new clothes because when your clothes are ill-fitting it just makes you look bigger than what you really are. So I got me a few things for summer that fits. I also got a pair of denim wedges!

What are your plans for this summer?

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