Sunshine Blogger Award

sunshine blogger award

I was nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award by Tabitha from Concrete Islandista. She’s a Fashion, Lifestyle and Travel blogger. I’m a little late on this because I have been a bad blogger lately. Writer’s block plus being incredibly tired will do that to me! But I was still excited to be nominated! Thanks Tabitha!

The Sunshine Award is given to bloggers who are inspiring and bring sunshine into the lives of readers and fellow bloggers. Nominees are to complete the following:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated them and link them back to their blog.
  • Answer the questions prepared by the nominating blogger.
  • List other bloggers that you nominate for the Sunshine Blogger Award.
  • Create 11 questions for the bloggers that you nominate.
  • Inform your nominees that they’ve been nominated.

Honestly, I think about shutting this blog down every few months for the last three years. It’s been rough with being a mom of two boys, a full time very busy day job, and not being able to keep up with the changes of the blogging world. It gets to me and then I’m like but why am I going through all this trouble when I don’t have the page views? Truth be told, I do love having this little piece of me that is all mine. I have been working on other projects so I’m not sure what’s going to happen in this space, but for now I’m going to keep going! On to Tabitha’s questions!

Why did you start your blog/business?

I started my blog back in 2008 at a friend’s suggestion. I met Lisa from New York Chica on iVillage forums online. This was before iVillage was purchased by another company, not sure which! Anyway, she told me about blogging and it sounded pretty cool to me. We actually worked together to name our blogs, get hosting, etc. It was so much easier to have someone else to help when you have no idea what you’re doing. This was before blogging really was a thing. We actually launched our blogs the same day! I thought it would be a fun way to connect with others regarding being a new mom and not losing yourself! That’s where my tag line comes from “…because every Mami needs some me time!”

What has been one of the most exciting things you’ve done with your blog/business?

I’ve been able to travel due to my business and met some great, like minded women! People I know still can’t believe you can make money off of this, but you truly can. Having something that is all mine that I can make all decisions on is awesome for me. I’ve always wanted to own my own business, but I don’t think I’m made out for that entrepreneur life. I feel like I wouldn’t have good work/life balance and wouldn’t know how to turn it off. But it’s still exciting to know that it’s a possibility!

What has blogging for your business taught you?

That I can actually stick to something if I’m passionate enough about it. I didn’t think I was going to be blogging for this long. And honestly the past three years I’ve kept thinking of shutting everything down and then I get new motivation and keep going! I also love learning new things, and blogging has helped me with that. I always pick a topic related to my blog to learn more about it, whether it’s how to get more sponsored posts, SEO, taking better pictures…etc.

Do you have any guilty pleasures? Chocolate? A specific show? Etc.

Wine. Give me all the Riesling, especially after a hard day at work! It’s how I relax after the kids go to bed and I get to watch my favorite shows. I feel like all my shows are my guilty pleasures, since otherwise I’m watching a kids show. But everyone knows I’m a telenovela addict! I usually binge watch my shows though Hulu and watch from beginning to end before moving on to a new one. I just finished the Celia mini series. I loved it so much I want to watch it from the beginning again. The music was amazing.

If you could give your younger self advice what would it be?

Take the damn test! My biggest regret was not getting my cosmetology license. My mom begged me to take the test (she is a licensed cosmetologist and always owned her own beauty salon) when I was in my 20’s. She said it would be great to have as a backup since I was always good at hair and makeup. I was practically raised at a hair salon, my mom graduated from beauty school when I was 2 years old.

At the time my mom was begging me to take the test, I could have taken the test without going to beauty school (and more student loans) because I already had all my hours in at her shop. She even gave me her study books for the exam!! And I didn’t take it. Here I am now wishing I would have taken that test as my mami was right it would have been a great backup and I could have gotten extra cash on the side! Or at least my esthetician’s license. But now I don’t have the time or the cash to get it done!

What has been your favorite travel destination? If you haven’t been there yet, where would it be?

My favorite destination is Dominican Republic. It’s where my family is from. I love to smell the Dominican air (yes it has a specific smell!) and connecting with my family. I love my culture and wouldn’t trade it for the world! Although I love learning about other cultures, there’s nothing like drinking coconut water right out of the coconut that was just chopped by someone climbing the tree with a machete. It just doesn’t get any fresher than that! Or chewing on sugar cane. Or having a morir sonando! Or a batida from fresh fruit!

What are some of your favorite topics to write about on your blog and why? Or what are some of your favorite aspects of your business?

My favorite topics to write about are  beauty and fashion. When my kids were little I used to write a lot more about them, but now that they are older (4 and 10) I think I focus more on motherhood and my feelings towards motherhood than parenting.

When are you at your most happiest?

At home surrounded by my boys!

Are there any societal causes you are passionate about?

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s INJUSTICE. In all forms. I’m passionate about immigration, equal pay for women, the #BlackLivesMatter movement. I’m shocked that in this day and age we still have to have these discussions in a nation that believes it is “progressive”.

What is one fact about yourself that many people don’t know or only people close to you know?

I have a huge fear of failure and sometimes can get in my own way. My word for 2017 was confidence. Right now I’m trying to fake it until I make it. I have some amazing ideas for this year to grow as a person and as a businesswoman. I’m scared as hell but I’m still moving toward my goals!

What are your future goals?

This changes depending on the day of the week! I’d love to work for myself in any capacity…whether it’s related to what I currently do for a living in HR or makeup/blogging. Or a combination of all three. I do have small goals in mind to get done this year that goes towards my goals. For example, I’ve already received my certification for makeup artistry and I want to keep working on my artistry this year. I also have other things I’m trying to accomplish in order to grow in that area. I just might be opening a business in the near future! Putting it in the universe let’s see what happens!

I’m also trying to get my HR certification, as I know that would help me with my future goals as an HR professional. I’m just going to collect all the certifications!

Here are my 11 questions for my nominees:

Why did you decide to start blogging?

What has been a big inspiration in your life?

What’s one beauty item you can’t live without?

If you could give your younger self advice, what would it be?

What is your favorite drink (alcoholic or nonalcoholic)?

What was a memorable or pivotal moment in your life?

If you could do anything, what would that be?

If you could live anywhere, where would it be and why?

What are your future goals for your blog or business?

What is the best parenting advice you’ve ever heard or you have for others?

What is your favorite book?

I nominate:

Lisa from New York Chica
Melanie from Modern Mami
Sili from My Mamihood
Yanira from Monticello Street
Keka from Negra with Tumbao
Alicia from Chica Fashion
Eileen from Mommy Teaches
Migdalia from Latina on a Mission

Can’t wait to read your responses!


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