Swimsuits To Flatter Your Figure

If you wear swimsuits this article I found is for you! Did you know that swimsuits run TWO sizes smaller than regular clothes! That’s news to me! I don’t know how I’d feel to pick up a pair of swimsuits two sizes bigger. But I rather have something that fits and doesn’t give me “muffin top”. You know when your belly spills over the top of your bathing suit/pants/skirt? Definitely not sexy and definitely not a good look.

We don’t have much of a back yard but we were going to buy a plastic kiddie pool for “Booba” (my son). I’ve never EVER owned a bathing suit (Can you believe that!) but I thought this was a good time to get one so I can play in the kiddie pool with Booba. I know. I’m trying to justify a bathing suit purchase. It’s not like I’m going to the beach or have a huge pool installed.

Anyway, at least this article can help pick out the best suit for your figure. I definitely have some belly bulge so a one peice would probably work best for me. Something that can help me tuck it all in because that’s definitely not sexy! But since we don’t even have the kiddie pool yet I’m not even going to worry about it! But thought I’d share this with all my Mami’s out there getting ready to hit the beach! If you haven’t already!

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