Swirl & Sparkle to Clean Your Makeup Brushes

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Spring Cleaning has started pretty early for me as we continue to clean up and stage our home for sale. It’s been on the market for about a week so I’m way overdue with the clean up! But we are almost done (I think I have to put more makeup away…ugh!!)

makeup brushes, Swirl and Sparkle feature

For years, I’ve been using baby shampoo to clean my brushes. I figured it was easy on the bristles, and it was cheap. But I’ve been hearing about Swirl and Sparkle on Etsy and how they get the brushes super clean. I also got some white bristle brushes about a year ago and hate using them because I don’t want them to stain.


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I also want to mention that these brushes were clean and dried in the before picture. They were cleaned with the baby shampoo. You could still see the stain in the brush.

makeup brushes before

Swirl & Sparkle is a hand made solid makeup brush cleanser that I found on Etsy. You can get different kinds of scents which linger on your brushes for a while. I got vanilla berry (yum!) and it has a strawberry mold in it. Also under the cap is a set of three sparkle gemstones that are rough. This is to help clean the brush.

So what you do is wet your makeup brush then swirl it around the solid soap to work up a lather. The first one or two times you may not be able to work a lather because of the dirt in the makeup brush. Then you swirl it around the gems (the sparkle part) and run the brush underneath the water until the water runs clear.

Don’t run the water on the soap or you would be going through the soap pretty quickly!

Also after you’re done, leave the soap open to let dry before closing.

I wash my brushes weekly, especially those that I use daily like my stippling brush. And it can get pretty gunky. Swirl & Sparkle makes it clean as new! And look how clean my makeup brushes are!

makeup brushes after

Not only that, they smell delicious and they are super soft. I’m in love! The scent I got is Vanillaberry Amor.

You can check out Swirl & Sparkle’s shop here on Etsy. They also have seasonal soaps. Unicorn kisses is cute, pink and bubble gum scented. I would love to try that one next!

The scent is so nice that it has my half bath smelling fresh!

Cleaning your makeup brushes avoids breakouts and extends the lives of your brushes. We know that the perfect backdrop to a beat face is smooth skin!

Swirl & Sparkle is a must try! How do you clean your makeup  brushes?

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