Dancing with the Stars Season 14 and William Levy

Last night’s Dancing with the Stars premiere was great! Of course I’m biased because my hottie William Levy was one of the contestants and got an amazing score! I loved the interview piece where he was like what did I get myself into with his sexy accent. He looked good and got one of the highest scores of the night at 24. Latinos have been in love with William Levy for years now and I’m glad that America is getting to know him through this show. Everyone was drooling over our Cubanito and thanking ABC for their job. I don’t know who’s great idea was it to add William Levy to the cast, but they need a promotion and a raise.

I’m Team Levy all the way! I also watch the show Shake it Up and Roshad Fegan was great as well but really I watched for William Levy. And I wasn’t the only one tuning in. #TeamLevy was huge on Twitter and he caused a near riot in the audience with women screaming! Who was your favorite so far this season?

Truinfo del amor Recap

tda I know I’ve been slacking with the recaps but what’s going on with this novela? They’ve been airing two hours a day for the past two weeks now. And as of Wednesday a new novela starts at 9pm (Teresa, a remake of a previous novela with Salma Hayek) and they have pushed Truinfo del Amor to 10pm! Since when does a novela on Univision go on at 10pm? With such a big cast I’m surprised. Is it that it’s not as popular as others? Because I’m all about this novela and its twist and turns.

Anyway…to the plot. The only thing that’s confusing me right now is what happened with JuanJo. That dude was a lookalike! It’s just not believable to me. And for him to be ok that quickly off his alcoholic bender? I don’t know. And poor Linda…did we even get to see a funeral? It was like well she got run over by a car. The end. There was no follow up to that.
I love me some William Levy and I can’t believe how handsome he is. His character is stuck between his love which is Maria Desamparada (who’s expecting his child but he has no clue!) and his quick marriage to Ximena due to her pregnancy (but it’s not his baby and he has no clue!) Talk about drama. I don’t even know how this is all going to work out.
In the meantime Victoria (Max’s step mom) finds out her husband was cheating on her with Linda (Maria’s BFF) and goes nuts. Gives her another reason to hate Maria even though she has no clue that’s the daughter she lost so long ago whose father is Juan Pablo, the priest.
Juan Pablo knows he’s the father due to his mother telling him during confessional but of course he can’t say a word because he’s bound by the confessional. It’s crazy to see Victoria and Maria Desamparada go back in forth with all of Victoria’s hatred and she’s got no clue that Maria is her daughter. Juan Pablo has temporarily left his post of priesthood to help Maria with all her drama. I really didn’t know that you could do that.

Who’s watching this one with me? How do you like this story so far?

First Episode Recap of Truinfo Del Amor

TDE The last novela I watched was also with William Levy, Sortilegio. That soap ended around this time last year and wasn’t one of my faves. Just felt like it was too rushed towards the end. But in this novela William Levy is back along with Maite Perroni just like in Cuidado Con El Angel.

I am excited to be able to watch my novelas every night again (a bit sad isn’t it?) and will try to recap on a weekly basis like I have in the past. So from what I can gather, Victoria Ruffo used to be a maid 20 years ago and now she’s a fashion designer. Seems to be doing pretty good for herself and is married to a novela actor. The novela was flashing back and forth 20 years. When she was a servant she had feelings for the young man of the house who went away to the seminary to become a priest. But right before he went away, they ended up sleeping together and voila she’s pregos. Not sure what happened 20 years later because she doesn’t have her daughter…who happens to be Maite Perroni. She has, however, adopted a son who happens to be William Levy.
Now, the main love story seems to be like it’s going to be between Maite and William’s characters so I’m not sure how this is going to play out. However 20 years later, Victoria looks fab, her husband is a hottie, and…uh oh!!! The priest who is also her baby daddy is back! He doesn’t know that he’s not just a Father in Christ, but also somebody’s daddy…Maite’s!

This was only the first episode but looks like it’s got a whole lot of drama! Who’s watching this one with me?

Recap on the last Chapter of Sortilegio

ESTUDIO SRA, SABIDO Y FINAL NOVELA SORTILEGIO 291 Ok so please tell me if it’s just me here. But I felt like I was missing something the last two weeks of Sortilegio. What the hell happened? The writers fell off or something. I felt like they were skipping information I was confused with the whole Bruno thing. One minute he’s in a shack with hay and the next they were on a beach fighting and there were guns involved? What? I know that novelas are full of action and if you blink you miss something but this was a bit much. Did anyone else feel like it was hurried? Like they were just ready to finish the novela? And it only lasted about four months the usual novela lasts at least six or more. Univision and Televisa get a fail for this. Especially when you’re going to have hottie William Levy in the novela why hurry it? Take your time let me get all that eye candy in! We wouldn’t have been mad about that! Sigh. Now waiting to see the next William Levy feature. Ese papi chulo esta como el quiere! Lol.

What do you think of the ending of Sortilegio?

Update on Univision’s Sortilegio

I was watching my telenovelas this past week and I noticed that during the commercials played on New Year’s Day, Univision stated that Sortilegio was in it’s last weeks (ultimas semanas). What? Didn’t this novela just start on October 6th? I’m used to telenovelas lasting a few months but this must be the shortest telenovela run ever. And with such big stars I can’t believe it’s already in its final weeks.


This novela has definitely been full of drama, lots of shower and sex scenes, sometimes just way over the top. I know I’m definitely sitting out the next telenovela that takes its place. I haven’t seen any commercials for it yet but I’m sure they will play it in the next few weeks. Three novelas in a row when you’ve got so much on your plate is just way too much!


Have you been watching along? What do you think about this novela? Sad to see it go or have you already said “Next!”

First Recap of Sortilegio

The Miriam-Webster definition of Sortilegio means a charm or spell. Also known as hechizo in Spanish. I just had to look that up. :) Well this novela is good. And I just swooooooonnnnnn over William Levy. My goodness he was just born to be an actor in a Spanish telenovela. The pictures don’t do him justice you just have to see him act on the small screen! Here’s the plot:

Victoria and Antonio fall in love. These two are married to other people. Victoria ends up pregnant by Antonio, her married lover. Her husband finds out they are not his because he can’t have children. So they go off to Europe to have their children. They were twins, a boy and a girl named Bruno and Raquel. Victoria’s husband dies and she returns to Mexico. During this time Antonio ended up having a son, Armando (William Levy’s character). His wife dies during childbirth. Antonio marries Victoria but the kids never know he is their actual father and treat Armando like crap. Antonio also dies, leaving everything to Armando. They are rich people. Bruno and Armando never got along and Bruno comes up with this crazy plan.

He pretends to be Armando and marries  Maria Jose (played by Jacqueline Bracamontes). This girl thought he was Armando and was in love with him. After they got married he conspires to try and kill the real Armando. His plan was that the wife would then be entitled to all the riches his father left for Armando and made a deal with her against her wishes to give him the money. He threatened her and her family. Well the plot to kill the real Armando failed and he is alive. They tell him about his new wife which he doesn’t remember anything about. They think this is normal since he has some memory loss from the accident. A lot of the first week was just laying the plot down because it was pretty confusing. I love this novela already. Lots of drama!

My new telenovela

Ok it’s official. My new telenovela “Cuidado con el Angel” is weird. I’m sure I got to give it some time for the storyline to develop but still. It’s weird. Here’s the story in my words:

So hottie William Levy plays the main guy that the pretty chick from RBD is supposed to be with. He is married and his wife wants a divorce but he won’t give it to her even though he doesn’t love her to keep appearances. So she decides to try to work at her marriage and go on a little va-cay. They head to the Bahamas, have plane trouble and the plane crashes. He was hospitalized and her body wasn’t found so they presumed her dead. She’s actually in the Bahamas living it up.

RBD chick Maite Perroni is an orphan who grew up in an orphanage. Her parents are actually alive and rich we haven’t gotten to that point yet in the story but I can tell. Some other chick has stepped up and said she was their daughter and is basically taking her place, spending her money and living it up.

Now, Maite get’s in trouble with the law, they were going to put her in jail and instead William stepped up to be her guardian. This tells me two things: She’s supposed to be underage and he’s supposed to be older. He’s also got his daughter and his mother in law living in this huge castle like house. He’s a psychiatrist. The mother in law is crazy mad that she’s living there when his wife just died like two days ago. He realizes he’s starting to fall for her and in his quest to protect her, he asks his good friend the judge to take her in.

The judge and his wife are great people who I think are really her parents. The wife even though she just got her daughter back begs the judge to take her in. So they do. And Maite is upset about it because I think she likes William even though she’s sworn off guys because she was physically abused as a kid. So she doesn’t let anyone in, yet with him she’s really sweet. But I can’t get over the fact that she’s underage! Don’t you think is weird? Knowing telenovelas years can pass in 15 minutes so I’m not trying to think about it too hard. But SHE’S UNDERAGE! Thoughts?

My new celebrity crush!***Updated

Ok so I am cheating on my celebrity crush! Daddy Yankee may just have to step aside because there’s just something about my new man. :) He’s the main actor on my new novela and I haven’t seen him before. He’s not my type either I usually go for the dark haired guys. But he’s got a gorgeous smile and some beautiful eyes that I’m just entranced! Maybe it’s the camera angles? Lol! I think I’m going to keep watching this novela for the eye candy! The story is not grabbing me right now but I can always put it on mute! :) Here’s a picture I know I missed Hottie of the Week Friday and I’ll probably not going to do it this Friday either so here’s a midweek tastycake! What do you think? You can catch him nightly on Univision’s “Cuidado con el Angel”  (Beware of the Angel) at 8pm EST.

Updated to Add: Latin Gossip is reporting that Hollywood is calling up William Levy and we might be seeing him in a movie soon. Check out their site here if you’re interested in more info!