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I’m watching Pasion y Poder right now, the latest telenovela on Univision. I know this telenovela is under way with quite a few episodes. I like to binge watch so I wait a bit before it starts otherwise I would have to watch the day after (I watch on Hulu) and I try not to do one episode at a time. I haven’t seen a telenovela since La Viuda Negra which has been my absolute favorite telenovela in a long time!

pasion y poder

Anyway right now I’m on episode four of Pasion y Poder and have noticed a few things:

  1. You know you’re getting old when the women who played the protagonistas  (the main characters) of the telenovela are now the mothers.
  2. The one father played by Jorge Salinas is the malo de la historia (villain) and he is awful! He doesn’t let his wife go out anywhere she can’t have a cell phone. I’m like are we really living like this in 2016?
  3. I get that Jorge Salinas’ son doesn’t like him and they don’t get along well at all but he yelling at him a little too hard. In real life I would have gotten smacked if I raised my voice a tiny bit at my parents like that.

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Now that I’m a few episodes in I understand the rivalry between the two men and how Susanna Gonzalez (who plays Julia) is in this love triangle. The reason why she’s like that caged bird that still sings (with no cell phone in 2016). And I guess she was trying to get a divorce but her dad in the nursing home is all what will become of us we have no money. So she continues on.

I hated the villain for a bit because of how he treated his son and wife Julia, but then I get that he’s in love with her and he knows that she married him so that he can save her dad from all this debt but she didn’t love him back. And how you married that long and don’t get any lovin from your wife? So now I get the crankiness.

Never mind that he goes to a prostitute  to get some lovin. Same prostitute another guy uses who’s young and married with no kids. Who’s wife would like to have kids with.  Why these men got to be so unfaithful? EW.

I already see where this is headed (I might as well have a PHD in telenovelas) and this Romeo & Juliet type of story is going to be full of drama and hate along with love.

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Have you been watching this telenovela Pasion y Poder? What do you think of it?

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