Telling Griselda Blanco’s story in La Viuda Negra

Griselda Blanco was not to be messed with.

Griselda Blanco was a Colombian drug cartel boss in the 70’s and 80s. I think what attracted me to watch this one was that Griselda was a woman boss and that’s something that you don’t see everyday. I also found her story interesting.

I haven’t done a telenovela recap in years! But it’s hard when your TV is on WWE or Disney channel non stop. I watch all my telenovelas online on Hulu. Usually it’s when I’m working out on the elliptical or now that it’s football season I watch on my iPad on Sundays while the boys are watching football on TV.

Griselda Blanco is a 70’s Colombian crime boss they used to call “the godmother”. This telenovela is loosely based on her life in the 70’s and 80’s. They used to call her black widow because she has been known to kill her husbands or boyfriends. This chick lived until her 60’s when she was shot in the head in a drive by. She passed away in 2012. It boggles my mind to think she was able to stay alive that long. They attributed so many murders to her!

The story is written very well and now there’s talks about it turning into a movie. There’s also the great 70’s and 80’s fashion as they are staying so true to that era. Loving it! I’m just sad that Catherine Zeta Jones will be playing Griselda Blanco and not a Latina actress. I can see Salma Hayek, Penelope Cruz or even Sofia Vergara playing this role. I’m not sure if this is a rumor or not but we will see.

I may or may not recap this one since it ended this summer. But if you haven’t watched it the entire show is available on Hulu and I guarantee it will grab you from the very beginning. Can you call it a telenovela if there’s no true romance in it? It’s very action packed!

I also watched the second season of La Viuda Negra, It was just as good as the first season and still feels like there’s going to be a third season soon. I do love that they make Griselda Blanco a multifaceted character. She loved her family and close friends that have become family to her, her son is everything to her. Griselda Blanco seemed to have a great following because she was genuine and cared for others. She was also a good businesswoman who knew how to make that business successful when i was full of machistas!

Have you watched La Viuda Negra? This telenovela is like no other!

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