Telenovela Recap II: Pasion y Poder

I’m already about 25 episodes in on the telenovela Pasion y Poder and I have all the questions still. Eladio made a change which is like day to night. Did he have a light switch he flipped on? He’s getting all the side eyes from me like what is really up your sleeve. Even his son is like “what you up to bruh?” What needs to be turned off is the tanning bed. Dude you’re a bit orange. Lay off the spray tan or get yourself a better one.

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Also, this Monserrat chick is loose as hell. I didn’t realize she was a model and in my first telenovela recap called her a prostitute. She just playing everyone and for what? And she ain’t even that cute. I thought she was running a brothel out of that apartment.

Now that Arturo has seen Julia again after like 20 years, all of a sudden he ain’t feeling his wife Nina. He also flipped a switch, I’m going to call it the IDGAF switch. He was blaming Nina for all the foolishness their kids are into!

David and Regina are so cute but I knew she was going to flip when she heard about David and Daniela. At least David kept it real and told her. I loved how sweet David was with Regina while she was super drunk. And how honest he’s being with her. The only dude that is honest in this entire telenovela. Daniela though? She something else. I was surprised that David was letting himself be so into Regina with the foolishness that Daniela did to him. That was uncalled for and unnecessary. If I was him, I would have thought that Regina was playing a game on me too. Which is what he thought but it was really Daniela pulling the strings behind the scenes. I can’t believe she told Regina’s fiancé Joshua to hand out the wedding invitations!! The girl don’t want you boy! Move on!

I feel like Eladio turned into Arturo and Arturo turned into Eladio. I guess when people are done they are done! Arturo is like eff all ya’ll! And it doesn’t help that Daniela did what she did to Regina, Erik is cheating on his wife Consuelo acting like it’s all Consuelo’s fault and most recently (for me) that Erik straight up sold his father out to the competition (Eladio) for pennies!

I get it though that whole thing between Daniela and Regina took Arturo over the edge. He was like not today!

Let’s not talk about Consuelo and Erik. Apparently the asshole gene was given to Erik and Daniela but somehow missed Regina and her half brother. And now she pregnant. I don’t know why she thought Erik was going to magically love her. Leave that boy girl! She still had his back while his father was like get out my house get out my life get out my company. She was like but wait!! So you know Erik is going to use the hell out of that.

Eladio is starting to win me over a little bit. I’m still giving him the side eye because he feels like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. When Franco finds out that his mom is in jail and his dad is Eladio he’s going to trip. But that’s what he wants anyway so he can keep the company to himself when Eladio dies. Like father, like son right?

Julia is going to peace out when that happens. I mean think about it the reason her and Arturo didn’t happen was because he cheated on her and got another chick pregnant. So yea. Eladio was changing and even gave her a cell phone (welcome to 2016 Julia!) but of course it was so he can keep an eye on her and see where she at with GPS. Dis tew much. Julia already asked him for a divorce but he was like yea about that….not gonna happen.

This telenovela is what I’m binge watching in between cleaning up and staging our home. What do you think so far of Pasion y Poder?

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