Ten fashion pieces to add this spring and summer

Parenting is hard enough without wondering what to wear every day! Being a mom means chasing after kids and keeping them entertained. Of course this doesn’t mean you have to live in yoga pants all summer! We all pin these great Pinterest pins of outfits and if my closet looked like my style board on Pinterest, I’d need a whole new house just to be able to fit all those clothes. Real life is more practical. You can definitely look good and put together while also being comfortable and not spending too much money. Here are my ten pieces to add to your closet this spring and summer!

10 things for summer

1. We all need a cute flat pair of sandals we can chase the kids in. A brown pair will show off your tan!

2. A fun pair of sneakers should be in your closet if they aren’t already. These Converse Chucks are too cute but you can even design your own! If you’ve been following my blog for a while you already know my love of sneakers.

3. Short cotton dress. I don’t mean like really short, above the knee is good enough. That dress would look so cute with the sandals from #1.

4. A maxi dress is so easy to put on, be comfortable with all day and look incredibly put together. This dress would also look good with the sandals in #1. See how versatile those sandals are?

5. White v-neck tee. Make sure when you get this tee, that it’s looser on you. The vneck draws the eye up and both things are good for those of us with belly issues. I’m sure you checked out my post on muffin top. If you haven’t, check it out here! We’re trying to eliminate muffin top from our lives! Say no to muffin top!

6. If you don’t have a good pair of boyfriend jeans in your closet you’re missing out. The looser waist means no muffin top and it’s casual but you can still dress this pair up. To be honest, you can wear those jeans with the white tee and sneakers, or white tee and sandals (there goes those sandals again!) or that loose tunic style tank from #7.

7. A loose tunic style tank is another very forgiving piece. Beats those ribbed cotton tanks that cling to you. I prefer those types of tanks more for layering under another shirt than to wear out alone. This may be an alternative for you if you are belly conscious.

8. Wedges are a great alternative to heels when you still need a little height. These are very comfortable and you can still chase after the kids in them. They come in many different styles and heights also, so you will most likely find one that is comfortable for you.

9. A statement necklace can completely change your look and make you look effortlessly chic. Just remember if you are going for the statement necklace, maybe a watch and ring would be enough. Otherwise you’ll look like your toddler trying out all of mami’s jewelry 😉

10. A sports bra in a fun color would look great under those loose tunic style tanks. Forever 21 has great ones for less than $15!

What do you think of my list? Anything you’d add to it?

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