Ten Things You May Not Know…

Ten things you may not know about my country Dominican Republic:

1. We share an island with Haiti and they speak a different language. (The island was a Spanish Colony but was given to the French).

2. We had a dictator named Rafael Trujillo who was overthrown in my mom’s lifetime.

3.He was overthrown by a rebel force started by four sisters “Las Hermanas Mirabal”. (In The Time of The Butterflies tells the story. Great book. Movie with Salma Hayek and Marc Anthony!)

4.Between 1916 and 1924 the US occupied Dominican Republic and our army is Marine trained.

5.We are made up of European, African and Taino Indian ancestry.

6.Sugarcane is our chief crop but cocoa, cotton, tobacco and rice are not that far behind.

7.Joaquin Balaguer was president for SEVEN terms! Times four years each term that seems like forever!

8.Our country is also known as Quisqueya (Keys-Kay-Yah) and we sometimes call ourselves Quisqueyanos.

9.Claimed by Christopher Columbus in 1492. (Reminds me of that song. In 14 hundred ninety two Columbus sailed the ocean blue )

10. Our Independence Day is February 27 and there’s a street named after that date in Santo Domingo, the capital of Dominican Republic


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