The Bullshit of Baking

Yanira and I were talking about how extra this new wave of makeup artists are, especially when it comes to how to bake your makeup. You know I love makeup like your average beauty junkie, but for every day I’m a fan of the five minute makeup routine. I’ve shared a few routines here on the blog that I use for my every day work look. Once in a while I do a little bit more and add an eyeliner to my eye routine (that takes me a bit more and I dare not try liquid liner when my kids are in the bathroom with me.) I just love a very basic makeup routine and it’s so easy to apply a pop of color on my lips than to do a three step eye in five minutes.


I feel like this new wave of makeup artists are making others just get into makeup think that they are not done unless they have been doing makeup for hours.

One of my girlfriends was at my house the other day and she doesn’t wear makeup. She felt like she needed an hour to do her makeup and as a busy mom she didn’t have time to do it. I got my makeup kit out and in under 30 minutes I did a full face with contour, highlight, smokey eye, etc. When I was done she was shocked at how different she looked in such a short amount of time. Her highlight was poppin ya’ll!

I’m not sure where this baking situation came from and why but it’s not needed. Maybe for TV makeup but who bakes their face to go to Target? I’m just not a fan of baking at all…maybe brownies once in a while but never my face.

Another friend shared a live video on Facebook a few weeks ago where the girl went live for four hours. FOUR HOURS do show her makeup routine. I have questions. First…I didn’t even know that you can be live that long on Facebook. Second…why would she think people would sit to watch her do her makeup for FOUR HOURS when even movies (which are way more exciting ) cap at a little over 2 hours? Also…Why in the world is it taking her half of someone’s work day to do her makeup!?

For those of you wondering how to bake your makeup, this is when you set your concealer with loose powder. You let it set for about 5 minutes and then you remove the remaining powder with a fluffy brush.


It just seems like an unnecessary step for every day makeup. It’s like “Get a Natural No Makeup Look in 27 Steps!” I’m like but why??

I just want to look like I’ve had a decent night’s sleep and that my kids are not aging me slowly. Not too much to ask. Totally doable on a daily basis. Baking my makeup though? Not my thing. Unless I’m going to be invited to be on a TV segment where those bright lights and my nerves can make me sweat and start to melt. But to go to work? Nope.

I think I’m going to do a roundup of makeup techniques that are absolute bullshit. There’s more out there besides how to bake your makeup!

2 thoughts on “The Bullshit of Baking

  1. Check out how makeup genius Marygene Rose demonstrates the fine art of baking ! But, this time, dampen the application brush a little prior to dipping it in the powder. Allow five to ten minutes for the makeup to set and “ bake .”

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