The Five Minute Pedicure

I’ve previously written a post called “The Five Minute Manicure”. Now I figure I can write a similar post for pedicures. Like manicures, it’s hard to fit a pedicure into our busy lives. But also similar to my five minute manicure your five minute pedicure would be done before and after you shower.

First take off any old polish before you step in the shower. While showering use your pumice or similar stone (if you don’t have one you can find them in the cosmetic section of the dollar store) and use the pumice around the heels of your feet to smooth out any rough spots. The skin would be easier to deal with since you’re already in the shower. Next after you come out of the shower you can cut the nails if they are getting too long. This would also be easier because they’d be soft from the shower. Then you can lotion your feet up and apply your fave polish. There you go! You’re toes are ready for summer! You can do this every other week to keep your feet looking their best!

2 thoughts on “The Five Minute Pedicure

  1. That’s understandable. But hey a little pampering never hurt anyone! I am actually very ticklish so the few times I’ve gone I’m literally holding on to the chair while a little Chinese girl laughs as she’s running the pumice stone on the balls of my feet.

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