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The Modern Girl's Guide to Life

The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life is the ultimate reference book for all modern women at all stages of life! It even has an index in the back for quick reference to whatever you are looking from from Triple A to Zumba and everything in between. It touches on finance, moving in with your beau and even how to change a tire in stilettos! This book is over 400 pages full of recipes, how to properly thank someone, hosting a dinner party and everything we juggle on a day to day basis.

Not only is this guide full of info, but it’s written in an easy breezy way that everyone can relate to and understand. Like this sentence in the introduction where I felt we were twinsies…

While my generation was being bred to be superwomen and shoot up the corporate ladder, no one bothered to teach us how to clean the ladder, fix the broken rungs, or look presentable when we reach the top. I blame my mother.”

I blame my mom too! She hated anything that resembled being domestic and she much rather run her business. I, on the other hand, can spend a full day at work, but I have to have a clean(ish) house when I get home or it gives me anxiety. If there’s toys lying around that’s fine I have kids so it’s going to happen. And I do teach them to put their things away before bed. But when it seems like the cleaning fairy has been MIA for weeks and I can’t see the rug in my dining room because THINGS everywhere…that drives me up a wall. I can’t deal.

This book has tips on everything you can think of. There’s a section on “How to Sound Smart at an Art Gallery Opening or Benefit” because you just never know right? It’s a crash course on art and what to say. There’s also Hot Hint for Furniture Hunting…when to splurge and when to skimp. There are beauty tips (Blow Drying 101) Sports, Work (Catty Co-worker Crimes) topics on Freelancing and how to seduce your man. Do you see what I mean about being the ultimate reference book?

I absolutely loved the Modern Girl’s Guide to Life and I think everyone can learn a little something from it! It drops tomorrow, 9/29, but you can enter to win your own copy! She’s also written The Modern Girl’s Guide to Motherhood and that may be something I have to pick up for reference as well!

Win a copy of The Modern Girl’s Guide to Life!

Enter to win your very own copy of this must have guide book! This giveaway runs through October 5, 2015. Suerte chicas!

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