The Ultimate Summer Accessory

What’s the ultimate summer accessory you ask? Besides a nice pair of summer sandals, to me it’s the perfect pair of shades. Sunglasses can hide a bad hangover and make you look like a stahhhh baby! The best pair of shades can definitely make you look like a diva. And for us bargain-istas (like that? I just learned that word while blog cruising!) you really don’t have to spend a lot of money to look like a diva.

I personally lose my shades every summer so I don’t really go all out when I buy a pair. Forever 21 and Dots have all sorts of types of shades to fit your every mood most around $5! can’t beat that. You can get one for every outfit if you’d like!

Well, what kind of shades are the best for your face? I always have this problem because I have like a semi-round semi square face and it’s not small by any means. I did get a pair of Jackie-O style shades this year and they look great! I found a site where they help you find your perfect pair of shades! Everyone loves to be current but you also have to make sure it works for you! Check it out here and happy shopping!

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