Throwback Thursday: Scrunchies & Ponytail Holders

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You can catch me wearing a hair tie around my wrist pretty much daily. If it’s not in my hair then it’s on my wrist. I think most of us are used to doing this because we wore our scrunchies around our wrist when we were in middle and high school back in the day. I had one to coordinate with every outfit along with a velvet one because you know, the 90s.


Before the scrunchie made it’s debut, it was the ponytail holder. This was when my mom did my hair but she used old school ribbon to tie my hair and hated the ponytail holders. She was afraid it would cause breakage. She was probably right.

But as soon as I could do my own hair in 7th grade I went to my nearest neighborhood pharmacy and bought me a set of clear ponytail holders…because they go with everything. Of course right? But you had to remember how you put it on because otherwise you would end up with a bird’s nest on your hair trying to get that thing out. And I wouldn’t go to my mom to ask that she remove it. Because she was just be like Oh I told you so!

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Whether it was a scrunchie or a ponytail holder, (or both really because I have done that!!) I would set my hair with my favorite hairspray and you couldn’t tell me a damn thing!

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My favorite hairstyle in highschool was a curly bun so I would slick my hair back into a ponytail with a ponytail holder, then scruch it up and add bobby pins to keep it in place. And I would finish up with a scrunchie as a grand finale.

How did you style your hair with a scrunchie or ponytail holder? Let me know in the comments!

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