8 Tips for a Successful Yard Sale!

yard sale

My friend Lisa over at Newyorkchica has written a blog post about having a yard sale. She’s never done one before and isn’t sure how to go about doing it. I left her a comment but thought I would also write a blog post about it. If you have any more tips to add please feel free to do it here or at New York Chica’s website.

When your house is feeling too small and cramped because of the loads of stuff you and your family have accumulated maybe it’s time for a yard sale! Some good ideas would be to get together with some neighbors and have a street sale. Or if you’re not that close to your neighbors but still would like more stuff to add ask friends and family if they have things they’d like to get rid of. Here are some tips:

  1. Place an ad in the classifieds for more traffic. Especially in these times of gas prices people like to plan their garage sale-ing to see how many they can target in one area. Mention your big ticket items in the ad (baby clothes, books whatever you have to sell) so you’ll get a more target customer which means more sales! Craigslist has a whole section dedicated to yard sales!
  2. Get the whole family involved! Make it a competition to see who sells more stuff. Keep a tally and pick a prize that the whole family would enjoy. Get the kids to go through their stuff to see what they’d like to give away. Toys can really multiply between Christmas and birthdays….at least in my house it seems to be taking over everything!
  3. Presentation is key! Put your clothes on hangers, place things on tables tallest in back shortest in front. Make it look like an antique shop or boutique and you’d definitely get more money. And more sales!
  4. Also place stickers with price tags before the sale (I’ve seen them at Walmart). Add 20-40% to the price you’d really like to see it go for. People are always haggling prices down anyway and this makes sure you’d get more cash for your stuff.
  5. If you’re selling any electronics keep an extension cord with an outlet access available so people can try out your stuff. Customers like to make sure things work before they buy it.
  6. Make sure everything is clean and nice and neat. All books together, all CD’s together all electronics together, household and kitchen stuff together, etc. This can make it easier for someone to buy more than one item.
  7. Place eye catching signs in your neighborhood, especially at the closest busy intersection. Someone driving down the street can make a quick stop and be your impulse buyer.
  8. Anything that doesn’t get sold shouldn’t go back in the house. Make a donation to charity and it would be a nice tax deduction for your taxes!

Hope these tips have helped for anyone thinking of doing a yard sale!

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