Toddler Tip!

As a mom of a toddler I know how curious they can be. Especially my son who just mastered the art of walking so he gets into EVERYTHING now. This is what I’ve done to avoid losing my mind more than usual.

In the kitchen I have put safety locks on the cabinets that he can’t get into. But I have left a few open so that he can “explore”. I have a bottom cabinet full of grocery bags so he’ll sit there and pull them out. Of course I supervise him so that he doesn’t accidentally choke or put it over his head. I rather him get into the clean grocery bags than the garbage can! Plus all he likes to do with them is leave them on the floor.

I also have another drawer full of pots. He reaches in and gets his fave pot or pan and plays with it while I’m in the kitchen. It helps me get dinner ready without him being tied to the high chair. Especially since he can’t stand being in there if he’s not eating. He is constantly on the go so these two drawers keep him pretty occupied! I also save the roll of wrapping paper when it runs out so that he can have something else to play with. You know at this age they like to play with everything that’s not labeled as a toy! But these things keeps me sane even though I have to clean up after him when he’s done!

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