Tonight is the Finale of Cuidado Con El Angel


I swear the last week of episodes it just seems like they dragged this novela on for too long. The last three episodes were really half an hour everything else was recaps and flashbacks. Amador shot Vicente in front of Marichuy and Ana Julia and he died in the hospital. Marichuy and Juan Miguel bonded over the tradegy and reunited. Marichuy asked him to marry her and they got married after his sister Rocio married Marichuy’s cousin. Since she was now widowed, she could marry freely without getting a divorce. Ana Julia kidnapped Marichuy before she was going to marry Juan Miguel and was planning on burning them both in a fire. She was saying that her baby didn’t deserve to be born. Marichuy saved herself and Ana Julia and ended up delivering her baby. Which happens to be Amador’s child as well and the baby girl was going to be able to rescue her big brother from death. Amador is in jail and still refused to give up some blood marrow to rescue his own son. He kept saying it was better off that he died and that she could always have another one. I thought that was so cruel!

So finally Marichuy and Juan Miguel get married and the reception was in the middle of the neighborhood that Marichuy was from. It was a very sweet reception. I’m just wondering what they are going to cover in tonight’s episode? Maybe more recaps?

This recap was definitely short and sweet but at least an episode and a half of it was repeats!

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