Try New Products in Travel Size

I had the chance to try some new products on my recent trip to FL. Target has an amazing selection of travel sized items at around a dollar that you can get. Lotion at a travel size is a good idea for the office. They also had some nice cosmetic bags for a dollar. I had one for my makeup and I bought one for my travel sized toiletries. It was big enough to fit everything and I had contact lens solution, lotion, deodorant, toothpaste, body wash, face soap, a shower cap and a toothbrush in there. It’s also lined so if anything spilled it may just contain it inside of the bag.

Even if you are not going anywhere, if you want to try a new item like lotion or a body wash, even shampoo and conditioner it’s a good idea (and cheap!) to use the travel sized first. Then if you like it you can buy the full sized version. Of course if you didn’t like it then you didn’t spend so much money and have all that product left over as well. It’s a win win for beauty junkies like me! You have more money and more space in the bathroom. Of course I had to take my Target card out of my wallet and leave in a drawer and I can’t go unaccompanied because Target can really make a dent in my budget. I want everything! I can go for diapers and come back full of stuff. But shopping at the travel sized aisle is guilt free!

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