The Ultimate Matte Lipstick Guide

Matte lipstick is having a big moment. When I first started this blog, I loved lip gloss.  Recently, my love has been towards more of a matte lipstick. Mostly because matte lipsticks last longer than regular lipstick or gloss and I hate reapplying throughout the day. But there are levels to this and not all matte lipsticks are created equal. Here’s some ideas on which brands to get for the level of matte you’re going for.Matte Lipstick

Level 1 Matte: A creamy matte lipstick

Creamy mattes are so pretty. My favorite is from Sola, I reviewed three lipsticks from their initial collection and I am still in love. The colors are pretty, it doesn’t dry out your lips like other mattes (we’ll get to that later) and is perfect. There’s also the NYX creamy matte collections which are super affordable and apply like a gloss. They don’t have much staying power but they don’t dry out your lips either.

Level 2 Matte: Matte Lipstick

My favorite and least drying of matte lipsticks are…believe it or not…Wet n Wild. They are so cheap so you can literally collect them all without breaking the bank. The colors are all gorg, they come in bright matte to natural matte to the most vampy matte ever. So there’s one for every mood and every girl’s preference. They are not as creamy as the Sola lipsticks, but they are not drying.

Another lipstick I like is the Maybelline Matte. It’s been called a creamy matte, I just don’t think this matte lipstick is as creamy as Sola. They can be a bit drying, but still long lasting and inexpensive at less than $10 at drugstores or online. Lust for Blush is my absolute favorite every day color when I turn to a matte color.

NYX also has another matte lipstick collection that are more intense than the creamy mattes mentioned above. They are the Liquid Suede, I have the shade Tea & Cookies, but I’m also eyeing Sandstorm.

Level 3 Matte Lipstick

This level of lipstick needs a primer to keep your lips from feathering. Especially in these cold ass temperatures. I love Colourpop‘s primer along with their ultra matte lip. At around $6, they are a definite steal but unlike the others mentioned these ultra matte lipsticks do not come in a bullet. They come with a doe shaped applicator similar to lip gloss. Also, they dry darker than what it looks like on the bottle and can really dry out your skin. One application is plenty, two may make your lips look like a prune, especially after a certain age. The applicator helps you get precise application but there’s no time for messes. Once it dries it really takes a lot for it to come off!

MAC’s retro matte lipsticks are not as drying as Colourpop, but they are also not as inexpensive. My favorite is Flat Out Fabulous. It’s a pretty fuchsia matte lipstick.

Kat Von D’s lipsticks are also pretty and a level 3 matte.

There you have it! Three levels of matte to suit your mood and pocketbook!

Are you wearing matte lipstick? Share your favorites in the comments!

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  1. I don’t wear matte lipstick just because I have not found one I like, however I might try out the Sola brand since the reviews were positive!! Thanks for this list 🙂

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