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Unii Palette

The Unii Palette is a great idea to take your favorite makeup to go for touch ups or even for getting happy hour ready after work. It comes in fun colors, I received the Unii Palette in Pink with a gold glitter. Really pretty! So basically you get your Unii Palette and you add the makeup you’d like to take with you. In order to do that, you have to de-pot the makeup you have. I have been on a cleaning kick and especially with my makeup I’d like to keep it more organized. So I used the Unii Palette to store some of my single NYX shadows which I love to collect but it’s taking a lot of space in the bathroom. As great and functional I think the Unii Palette is, I thought that it wouldn’t work as a “take to go” product just because it’s pretty heavy, even without adding the makeup in yet. Just thinking about that sitting in my purse all night was a con to me. But the huge mirror it has really makes it work for someone who wouldn’t care about the weight part.

Pink Unii Palette

Since I was trying to use it as an eye shadow palette, I was bummed about the fact that it only held 8 shadows and seem to have wasted space at the bottom row. I guess you can add a mini brush in that space but since I wasn’t planning to take it along with me I don’t see the point of adding a brush. All the work it took to de-pot those NYX eye shadows too! I forgot I had some of these colors and would love to get a palette that can fit at least 12 shadows in there. It did bring a sheet of magnetic strips that has an adhesive on one side so you can attach to the bottom of the pot you’d like to add and then you can use the magnet side to attach it to the Unii Palette. It was a great magnet, easy to use and even after I closed the palette and shook it, everything stayed put.

All in all it was a great palette, I just wished it wasn’t so heavy and could handle a bit more eye shadow! You can buy the Unii Palette in 6 different colors for $29 each on their site. What do you think about the Unii Palette? Would you use it as a to go palette as advertised or to organize more of your makeup at home?

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