How I Updated a Dresser for less than $50!

I loved the small series I did last year, DIY Saturdays. I still love doing my DIY’s on Saturdays because when you work full time there’s really no other time to complete projects around the house.

This was a $10 dresser I got on Craigslist this fall. I waited until after the new year and the holidays were over to update it the way I wanted it. It had a broken drawer, so we did fix that and put it back together but I decided to wait to paint and update.

Dresser before

The dresser had amazing bones, they don’t make it like this anymore. But it wasn’t in the best of shape, had a water mark and signs of wear and tear at the top as well as this broken drawer.

I prepped the dresser for painting by removing the handles and sanding down the piece. I also filled the old holes left behind by the old pulls with wood filler. It didn’t take that long to dry.

Dresser during

I then painted it Onyx Black from Glidden that I got at Walmart. I did two coats and let it dry in between coats. The next day, I added  an acrylic gloss top coat to prevent the paint from chipping off and I added Gold hardware I found at TJMaxx. This piece completely changed the look of my makeup office.

Dresser After

I now display all of my makeup on top of the dresser and using my desk for more office appropriate items. You can find more makeup inside the dresser and lots of other goodies. I love being so organized with my stuff! It keeps me from buying duplicates.

One of the first videos I did was about my makeup office and how I wasn’t sure what I needed in there. Now that I’ve updated this dresser I moved some things around and now it makes perfect sense.

Makeup Office

I also added this to another wall, I got the sign at Five Below for $2! I put up the jewelry organizer with command strips because there is no drywall under that paneling between the family room and my makeup office. Usually command strips work so well but I haven’t had much luck with the paneling. It’s attaching to the paneling just fine but not to the jewelry organizer. So the organizer keeps falling. I keep trying to put it back up but it just keeps falling down! Ugh!! I’d love some suggestions!Makeup Office Wall

Ok back to the dresser:

Bought for $10
Quart of paint: $10
Wood Filler: $5
Acrylic Top Coat: $10
Pulls: $7.99 for all six

The wood filler and top coat can be used for different projects too I only used the tiniest bit for this project. It’s a great investment if you want to do more than one piece! I’m now on the hunt for a dresser for each of my sons that I can update.

Ok so I was a bit over budget at $52.99. That’s still an amazing deal for this dresser. Have you attempted to update or refinish a piece of furniture before? This was so easy I can’t wait to do the same with the kitchen table I purchased last summer!

Dresser DIY

4 thoughts on “How I Updated a Dresser for less than $50!

  1. Awesome, I love it! Thank you so much for this article. Getting a desk and can’t find anything original or unique. So time for some DIY 😀

    1. Yes! It’s also way less expensive to find an old piece and refurbish it then to find a new piece that doesn’t look like everything else out there.

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