Walter Mercado Gives us the Spiritual Info for a Great 2015

In between finding you love on these harsh internets with Passion Latinos, Walter Mercado has given us his recommendations on the rituals we need to do for an amazing 2015 broken down by astrological sign. If you don’t know who Walter Mercado is, chances are you were not raised in a Latino household but that’s fine I can catch you up. You definitely don’t want to miss this, at it is true entertainment. Let it be known that Walter’s astrology was aired during an otherwise serious newscast every single day. And you knew better not to disturb your mami or tia/auntie when this came on as they treasured it like their child’s very life.

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So my recommendation is…

Como tú eres un signo de fuego necesitas encender velas en tu casa con sumo cuidado y precaución. Enciende velas  azules o rojas. Los rojos dedícaselos a Santa Bárbara o a San Miguel Arcángel. Nada más sagrado y de más suerte que la limpieza espiritual de fin de año. Sobre tu mesa de comedor no puede faltar una cesta de frutas en nombre de la Madre Cósmica, al lado de esta cesta vas a colocar también una fuente de cristal con agua, le echas pétalos de rosas rojas y tres velas flotantes que encenderás a las 12 de la medianoche por la paz mundial, por tu salud y las de tus seres queridos y por la prosperidad. Recuerda que toda ofrenda se carga de energía positiva. Para la celebración de fin de año, vístete de color azul y lleva contigo una turquesa, tu piedra de buena suerte.

Tu baño espiritual para la buena suerte, debe llevar hojas de guayabo, “rompe saragüey”, salvia, albahaca, menta, curía y todas las plantas medicinales y sagradas que puedas conseguir. Con algunas de las plantas que te sobren déjalas secar y prepara un incienso o sahumerio agregándole pétalos de flores, mirra, frankincense, estoraque y así purificas todo tu hogar a la vez que vas orando para que todas las energías negativas del año 2014 desaparezcan.

This is truly pure gold. So basically since I am a fire sign (Sagittarius) I should light blue or red candles in my home as a precaution. I have to dedicate my red ones to St. Barbara or St. Miguel. I also should have a bowl of fruit on my dining room table as tribute for the Cosmic Mother along with a crystal water fountain which I have to pour pink rose petals and three floating candles. (didn’t I tell you this was pure entertainment!?) Also I can’t light the floating candles until midnight for world peace, for my family’s and my health and for prosperity. Walter’s telling me I need to wear blue for New Year’s Eve festivities along with a turquoise for good luck.

Also his recommendation for my spiritual bath include leaves from a guava tree (I’m saying where in the world am I going to find this in Western NY???) “rompe saraguey”…que what? Seems like I’m screwed with this New Year cleansing since I have no clue what that means and can’t add it to my water. Well there’s also mints and stuff that I can add to this cleansing bath along with any holy medicines that I can find. Apparently I also have to learn to make incense with the left overs from this guava tree leaf so I can burn it along with some other things in order to purify my home. While doing this I have to pray so the negative energies leave my house in 2014. I’m saying…how can I watch the ball drop if I’m busy doing all of this? Because it doesn’t sound like it’s going to take me a few minutes. And I tend to have no follow through. This is something I hope to work on in 2015.

Is this why I’m still not rich and famous? Because if Walter says so then it must be for real. At least he’s still wishing me love…

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To read your 2015 ritual, check out el Nuevo Dia. Do you have any rituals for a great New Year? If it doesn’t involve guava leaf let me know so I can try it!

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